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POSTED BY monGenie ON January 5, 2012 6:25 pm COMMENTS (5)

I have purchased Star Health – Family Health Optima and Diabetes Safe Insurance Plans for my mom-dad. Now, my father will complete 60 yrs this Feb and mom is 53. I am planning to go for Apollo Munich Maxima Health for it can be renewed life-long and pharmacy, consultation, health check-ups from second year, with critical illness cover (optional), also cover for pre-existing diseases without waiting period like features. What do you people think?

Please sugesst.


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  1. cp says:

    i had icici health saver policy with family floater 5lac cover , annual premium 15000.
    three years over.

    should i continue this policy .
    i want to purchase apollo munich optima restore

    is it advisable?

  2. monGenie says:

    Hi… thanks for the advice.

  3. Dear Mongenie, In the current situation that both parents are diabetic, please check for either policy portability from Star to Apollo or check about the pre-existing illness clause of Apollo. From when it ‘ll start covering the diabetes related problems of your parents.



  4. Dear Momgenie, Are your parents diabetic? if that’s the case, how ‘ll you face the situation of pre existing illness clause? If you opt to go with Apollo.



    1. monGenie says:

      Hey Ashal… Yes, they are both diabetic.
      Which insurance plan would be better? Should I go with Apollo?

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