Any alternative product like Post Office MIS ?

POSTED BY Vivek ON October 19, 2013 9:00 am COMMENTS (3)

Dear All,

Is there any product like post office MIS, where we can invest our income again in 2nd instrument.

in post office we can open monthly income scheme and can invest interest in recurring deposit,  so i want to know is there any other product that having same facility


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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Vivek, under retail investor category, you can not invest more than 10L Rs. hence your earning is limited to 85-89000 Rs. depending on the interest. You may do the same. But please do remeber, as you are going to invest in Tax free bonds now in Oct or Nov, the interest ‘ll come to you only next year. So from April to Nov. you ‘ll not earn interest on the possible investment of 1L Rs. in PPF had you invested in April.



  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Vivek, Banks now a days also offer similar thing. FD interest is also payable now in Mly mode which you can invest again in your RD in the same bank.



    1. Vivek says:

      thanks Ashal,
      i have asked same question to one of my friend, he suggest me to invest big amount in pfc tax free bond and deposit interest in ppf and go same upto 15-2o year

      pls advise

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