Ankur Farma FD Complaint

POSTED BY Parag J Patankar ON August 7, 2013 2:15 pm COMMENTS (7)

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  1. parag says:


    Can jagoinvestor team can throw some light on the process of escalation and getting our hardcore money back


    1. There is no escalation here. Do a police complaint now !

  2. Parag J Patankar says:


    After lodging a complaint with Registrar what is a next level of escalation ?

    Pl suggest.

    thanks & regards

  3. Parag J Patankar says:


    Thanks for Info. What is a next step if Registrar is also not giving an answer or answer is not satisfactory ?


  4. Dear Parag, first of all contact the registrar of your FDs (address should be in your FD receipt).



  5. Parag J Patankar says:


    I do not know why question is not displayed. I have a FD with Ankur Farma which was matured in Dec 2012. Matured amount is not received by me. Where to put a complaint of Ankur Farma to get my money back ? Is it at Company Law Board, Consumer Forum ….etc. Pl guide me.

    thanks & regards

  6. Biswa Singh says:

    Question pls.

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