AN eye opener

POSTED BY Sachin Kumar Nigam ON April 12, 2012 8:52 pm COMMENTS (3)

This article is a gr8 insight……ppl who are regular readers of this blog pls read it…

For those of u who don know subra boss, HE is a MENTOR for almost all experts in this field…. he is a gr8 person…

Disclaimer: Iam no promoter of his site…..but jst put his blog in ur favourates ….he publishes an article a day…..nd some of them are phew… no one cant give u an insight like that if u really are a keen reader…. +++ he has an absolute sarcastic sense of humour which some of u may get in wrong way…..BUT THATS THE WAY GENIUS ARE…:))

@ common junta..There are very few in this financial jargon who publish their unbiased original thoughts… doubt jago investor nd subra BOSS are definately one amongst…..:))

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  1. Dear Sachin, thanks for the link. If I recall right, I’m reaping the benfits of dear Subra”s wisdom for past 3Y or so by following his blog. Yes his sarcastic humor is great & many a times a lot people mistook it. 🙂 🙂



    1. Sachin Kumar Nigam says:

      jst for info

      subra boss was into this field since 80s i think……the time when our papas never thought beyond kvp/nsc/fd/post office……

      he is an unbiased advisor…….rather not an advisor…..he writes for the sheer satisfaction of conveying his invaluable gyan…..takers or no takers he just CONTRIBUTES…..:)) Its for us to choose the cherry…:))

      Diclaimer: Add revenues are a peanut for a person of his stature.

  2. I have recently started following his blog

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