Agreement of flat

POSTED BY hemant shende ON April 30, 2013 2:02 pm COMMENTS (3)

 My brother have booked a underconstuction property and doing job so we have taken home loan against his job. I want advise regarding agreement. Should i include only my brother’s name / me and my brother / my brother and parent in agreement ? I will be doing job from month of september 2013. If i include my name in agreement , will i be applicable for HRA exemption ? Please explore all possibilities.

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  1. Dear Hemant, where do you figure in the property agreement if your brother is purchasing the property from his own sources + loan on his own income?



  2. hemant shende says:

    Ashal ,
    It is property agreement.

  3. Dear Hemant, the agreement you are asking for is property or loan agreement. Are you going to contribute any money from your own pocket from the house in question? if answer is NO, how can you become co-owner in the house with your brother?



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