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POSTED BY Manikandan ON December 18, 2012 12:18 am ONE COMMENT

Hello Manish,


I am currently employed in a MNC in Bangalore.

My gross salary is 44491 per month and take home is 41361 per month.

Kindly guide me on the financial planning.

My house rent is 6500 PM and have a bike EMI for another 4 months which is 7175.44

Also i have an  LIC plan (Jeevan Surabhi plan for 20 yrs which i had started when i was 25 yrs old) whereby i investment whereby I pay 36,540 (=9135*4).

I have closed my two personal loans early in 2012.

Can you advise me on the investment plans for 2013 and in my office I am asked to submit the investment proof also by 15th Jan 2013.

Please guide me on how to invest. Is investing in tax saving MFs a good option.

I already had some investment in MFs for a lock period of 3 years whereby i had invested total 35K in 2008 and got 40K in 2012. I have taken back the same in the month of Nov 2012.

Is MF or SIP or FD or RD a good option for a person like me.

Also my age is 32 and marital stautus is Married.










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  1. you need to ask yourself the following:

    1. Do I have enough emergency cash ( at least 3-6 months expenses)
    2. Do I have enough life and health insurance
    3. Why am I investing? Because some one is asking for tax deduction proof or for my family
    4. What are my short term and long term goals?

    Only then one do financial planning. Making random investments and asking advice with incomplete information will only confuse you further,

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