Advise on Savings required for 25,000 per month

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I am 35 years old living with my family (wife and 1.5 ear old son). When I retire at 60, I should have corpus of 4 Cr.

I have earmarked 25K per month saving which can be invested in MF. Apart from that I invest almost 2L in PPF every year for last 4 years. Also, I need 20L in 15 years as another goal.

Can you please advise which all MF funds should I select with a 15 to 20 year plan. If not name, pls suggest the % of categories like Equity, Debt ctc


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  1. Sumit says:

    If I were you I would distribute 25000 in 5 mutual funds (_ 2 large cap or large-mid cap, 2 small-mid cap and 1 balanced funds), you can choose between the below funds:

    2 large/large-mid from below:——
    1) Quantum Long Term Equity
    2) ICICI PRu Top 100
    3) Axis Equity
    4) ICICI Focused blue-chip fund

    2 small-mid from below:——

    1) IDFC Premier Equity Fund
    2) HDFC MIdcap fund
    3) Axis Midcap fund
    4) ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund

    1 balanced fund from below:—–

    1) ICICI Pru Balanced Adv
    2) SBI Balanced
    3) HDFC balanced

    To know about how to design your asset allocation you can though the below link


  2. Hemanth Chandra says:

    As the goals have a good amount of period to invest….

    Generally, it is advised to invest (100 – your age) % in equity….. and remaining in debt…..

    So for you age as per above rule, you can invest (100-35) = 65 in equity…..

    If you can take a bit of risk as the goals are far…. you can invest upto 80-85 % in equity….. when the goals are approaching, slowly shift your investments in equity to debt…..

    Use RDs for short term goals….

    If you wish to save some tax, you can also consider Tax saving mutual funds (also called ELSS) to invest….. these have a lockin period of 3 years…..

    You can consider PPFAS Long Term Value Fund….. I really liked their investment approach….. You can check out for more info on that…..

    PS: I am not a distributor or PPFAS LTVF…..

    One question for you…. Are you investing 2Lakhs in PPF every year…. did I read it right ??

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