Advise on kotak bond short term (G) debit mutual fund

POSTED BY Dr Prashant Dahire ON December 1, 2010 2:50 pm ONE COMMENT


I m investing in Kotak Bond short term (G) debit mutual fund in SIP of 5300 per month since last 8 months for my short term goal of 2 year.I want to know wheather this fund is performing well or not? if not wheather i should stop SIP and choose another one,what is next option for short term of 2 year? if i stopped sip in kotak the amount invested uptil now should i redeem or continue till 2 year?

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  1. mkshahi says:

    why not put your money in a fixed deposit ( recurring deposit ) in a bank where you get good interest rates? Fixed deposit always seems to be a good option for short term.

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