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POSTED BY sanjay ON October 2, 2011 12:04 pm ONE COMMENT

In 2010 I invested Rs.11000 in sbi balanced fund (G).But the performance of this fund is not good.Now my fund value is Rs.8800.Should i exit from this fund.Pls  manish ji give me some advice regarding this.

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    Please don’t exit the fund at this time. This is not the right time to exit any mutual funds. if you want you can stop ur invesment.

    Generally this fund is not a top rated fund in its Balanced fund category. So look for some other balanced fund like HDFC BALANCED fund and start investing.
    Note: At these times in whatever top rated fund u invest immediatedly u wont get high returns(u need to wait atleast two yrs for positive returns , 5 to 7 yrs for good returns).

    Happy investing!!!!!!

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