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POSTED BY vijay ghadge ON April 18, 2013 7:56 pm COMMENTS (2)

Dear Madam/Sir,

                          Please advice me on my portfolio.
1#.DSP top 100(G)  – RS 1000 pm Since Jun 2010
     DSP top 100(G)  – RS 1000 pm Since Jun 2011
2.Birla frontline CSIP (G) –  RS 1000 pm Since May 2010
3. Idfc premier eq. (G)- RS 2000 pm Since Jun 2010
    Idfc premier eq. (G)- RS 3000 pm Since Jun 2012

     # The last installment is in june 2013 as per the instuction filled by me.
So my question is should i continue with this portfolio.
My debt investments are
1.PPF -Rs.70000.
2.EPF- Rs.150000     
I can invest Rs.15000 per month more.
Please please advice me.
I am eagerly waiting .
Thanking You.
Mr.Vijay Ghadge


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  1. Dear Vijay, are you not satisfied with the performance of your funds? Do you want any change? if yes, any specific reason for change? Please clarify.

    To me, the increased amount should also go into same funds if you are satisfied.



  2. The funds are decent ones. You could continue.
    Use websites like moneycontrol and calculate the compounded annual growth rate
    for your funds. If the value is decent in relation to other similar funds and if your funds perform better than their benchmarks over a period of 3-5 years
    you could stay invested. Moneycontrol has nice graphs for these.

    All one can do here is to look at past history and advice you to stay invested or exit. Active monitoring has to be done by you.

    Period you have held these funds is short. Nothing much has happen in the market during this time. So you should give time to perform

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