Advice me regarding Repayment of SBI HL TL ?

POSTED BY Mandar ON May 31, 2014 10:11 am ONE COMMENT

I took SBI HL TL for Rs. 16,89,000 . Now outstanding is Rs.11,07,841 @10.15 % interest

I have surplus amount equal to outstanding .  Please suggest me how I can minimize the interest yield and maintain the liquidity. Is there any option with SBI in that I can earn equal or more than 10.15% interest?

Normally I pay the EMI plus some extra amount every month for save some interest.

Please advice me for investment

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  1. TheZionView says:

    SBI has a Max gain home loan product in which you can maintain the surplus amount in overdraft account which will be considered when calculating interest for your home loan so if you have surplus equal to home loan then you can put that money in that and make regular emis which will be completely going for your principal amount . which is like your surplus money earning tax free intrest eual to your home loan

    check with the bank on how to move you loan to max gain loan

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