Address to be entered on ITR SAHAJ tax return

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I had my PAN obtained in 1999 under Jurisdiction A because that area was my communication and residence address. The tax returns remained in Jurisdiction A. I obtained a property far away from that address and was “self-occupied” and continued to stay in that property. Address of that property is not in the AO of Jurisdiction A.

I updated my permanant address on my PAN in 2006 as I owned the property in Jurisdiction B. Yet, the jurisdiction of my PAN remained the same as Jurisdiction A. Even today I can see the Jurisdiction is same AO which was in 1999.

ITR-1 SAHAJ form has place for interest on housing loan, however, there is no way to mention the address of the property like form ITR-2 has.

What communication address should I write on ITR SAHAJ this year? Should I write the C/o address of Jurisdiction A which is also the AO on my PAN even though I dont reside there? This will enable the return to process in the AO of Jurisdiction A. 

Or should I write the address of Jurisdiction B which is my permanant address of my PAN and also the property which I own? But that address is not in AO of Jurisdiction A! I dont know the AO of my self-occupied property so what will I enter there.

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  1. Dear Bunker, you need to quote your current AO, in ITR form, the system ‘ll take care of it automatically. 🙂



  2. Dear Bunker guide, Your current Residential address should be mentioned in your ITR form this year. As al future posts relarted to ITR- 2013-2014 (AY) ‘ll come to the address mentioned by you in ITR form.



    1. Bunker Guide says:

      Dear Ashal, Thanks for reply.

      a) How will I know the Jurisdiction AO Code of my current address? I know it for the previous address. Can I write my current address and still write my AO Code as shown for previous address?

      b) How will the IT records from Jurisdiction A to B move? Both are different circles and offices are some 100 km apart. Does the taxpayer and return filer need to do something for moving records?

      c) What will happen if I continue to file return at Jurisdiction A by providing previous address of Jurisdiction A? If I wish not to move my Income tax records from Jurisdiction A, can such wish be fulfilled and allowable? What’s there in a jurisdiction and AO code when everything is online?

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