Adding salary of last year into the salary of this year and then deduction tax on IT.

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Dear Forum,
My query is regarding the wrong entries made in Form-16.
My organization had added the income of the last year into the income of this year.
(And for the income of last year i hv filed the ITR on time.)
Now despite the regular reminders to this Govt org, they are not addressing my grievance.
Now i am afraid that they will endorse the wrong income details in my Form-16 and i’ll loose the hard earned money because of some clerical errors.
I request if forum can suggest me the ways to rectify this error from any other mean than the org which provides the Form-16?
If i cannot get this error rectified in form 16 then shall i consider my income as lost?

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  1. BanyanFA says:

    Hi Saurabh,
    I can understand your frustration. Along with what Ashal has mentioned, it is important to have an accurate Form 16. If the Form 16 is not accurate you must contact the Payroll department to get it rectified. I can understand that you have not acheived any luck in this process, probably you may want to try the following out:
    1. If you have left the organisation, try filing RTI (Right to Information) against the government department.
    2. If you are still in the org, you should try visiting the department in person.

    Generally the Companies amend the Form 16 quickly if they find any errors.

    Form 16 would show the income of your past year and the TDS deduction against the income paid to the employee. Ideally as per the Income Tax Act, the employer must deduct appropriate TDS before paying the salary and this should be reflected in your Form 16. If your form 16 is just showing the income of 2 years but TDS of just 1 year, you must highlight it to the payroll / Finance / HR department.


  2. Dear Saurabh, Please do not feed sad or bad. Form 16 is merely an statement of the salary income drawn from your employer. On the other hand, Income Tax Return is the combined statement of your income from all sources & tax paid there on.

    In case your employer is not rectifying the mistake, do not worry. As & when you ‘ll file next ITR, please rectify the figures on your own & file the corrected figures’ ITR.

    At the time, if you require any help from all of us, please do visit this forum & we ‘ll help you.



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