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POSTED BY srivatsan ganesh ON November 17, 2011 11:01 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hi manish,

Being inspired by your blog i started my own blog and sharing my knowledge to beginners who are just starting to invest.Please view this post alone and suggest me or give me some comments.


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  1. manickkam says:

    Just curious, What is the real advantage of wordpress over blogspot. I always have a special love towards the google products.

    I have seen few people moving from blogspot to wordpress after few years, but always thought it should be because they want to start a website from the content they have.

  2. Srivatsan

    I looked at the blog , looks good as a start . But the true suggestions can come once you have written few more articles, may be around 50+ . Get on wordpress incase you are serious about blogging .


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