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POSTED BY Madan ON February 12, 2013 9:57 pm COMMENTS (14)

Dear sir, i am Madan. I recently completed MBA in the specialisation of Finance and marketing. In the october i joined in the mutual funds advisors company.. But i dont know anything about the Mutual Funds and it schemes and its nature. please help me on the mutual funds . please explain how mutual funds work , scheme,types and its nature.

Thanking you sir.

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  1. sunil says:

    Google is the best place, Investopedia and You Tube… I find a lot of information there……
    Hoep you can work out there.

  2. sunil says:

    I doubt, you are in need of more advance techniques to scan or analyze mutual Funds (hope i am correct). In that case there are monay people who will help you out (upon taking fees). You might contact our champions in this forum, Manish/Nandish, Ashal, Ramesh or FFC. They might well let you know the necessary information.

    I have given NCFM because you said you are completely unaware of Mutual Funds, however, i am not sure on the advance topics of analyzing Mutual Funds (to a great extent).

    You might contact above said persons with a specific query (mentioning your needs).

    All the Best.


  3. madan says:

    Mr. Sunil i was passed nism v mutual fund exam 3 months ago. in that book not having that much of information.

  4. sunil says:

    Dear Madan,

    NSE website has this NCFM certifications on Mutual Funds, by far that the best data (as far as i am concerned) for study purpose, and guess what you can down load the material from NCFM Site.

    Once, you feel comfortable you can even appear for Certification.
    It shall boost your resume as well.


  5. Dear Madan, please don’t take it otherwise? Why do you want others to spoonfed you? Why are you not using google for your benefit? Who is stopping you from gaining knowledge?

    Just one more thing, publication of personal mail ids is strictly prohibited as per forum policy. Please take note of this next time. This is to protect your own privacy from spam mailers.



  6. madan kumar says:

    thank u for ur answers.. if u have any soft copy data about mutual funds please mail to me. my mail id : madanmba12@gmail.com

  7. Dear Gaurav, thanks for the correction. Yes I meant for http://businesstoday.intoday.in/



    1. Gaurav says:

      All good links except http://www.moneytoday.com which looks to be a payday loan site. did you mean http://businesstoday.intoday.in/

  8. You need to understand about how risk and return is defined.

    A step by step guide to choosing a MF can be found here:


    It gives you a feel for the factors behind fund selection as well as behaviour

  9. Dear Madan, Read. Read, Read…… Read a lot in this forum as well as on various other sites. no crash course is available for the info you are asking.

    A lot of info is hidden here in the forum itself. It’s up to you, how much pain you are ready to take for your own good.



    1. madan kumar says:

      but where i can get data or information about mutual funds.. can u give some website names

  10. bharat shah says:

    better you go by queries under Mutual Funds and others.

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