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POSTED BY Rishabh Dubey ON July 21, 2011 11:58 pm COMMENTS (3)

I am planning to allocate my total of 10000 bugs in following MF,Please tell me is this good selection of MF and the amount to be allocated to each:

HDFC Equity:4000

UTI Dividend yield :-3000

ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Eqty:-2000

HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities:-1000

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  1. Yogesh Ashok Sharma says:

    You can use core and satellite approach while investing in Mutual Funds (MFs). Below logic will help you is selecting MFs. This is normally used by investor with high risk appetite:

    1. 70-75% of the amount invest in Equity MF, remaining invest in Debt MF.

    2. In equity MF also, 70-80% amount should go in core funds (comprising of large- and large- and mid cap funds) and remaining in satellite funds (comprising of mid- and small-cap funds, multi cap funds, sector funds

    Yogesh Sharma

  2. Rishabh Dubey says:


    Major portion in equity diversified and small in small & mid cap……

  3. Rishabh

    On what basis you have choosen these funds . Make sure you also put the logic behind choosing the funds and not put it randomly , because any random selection is most probably unsuitable , you should always pick funds after understanding those funds risk and see if they are alligned with yours


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