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sir ,

     i want to know that jn case of govt salried employee if the house regestered on the name of wife and wife and husband live together and wife is not a working women,than can husband claim for HRA exemption,to show that the wife as owner of house and showing deposite of rent to wife’s name.

and same condition for mother that if mother shown as a dependent in medical card than can employee   claim for HRA exemption,to show that the mother as owner of house and showing deposite of rent to mother’s name.

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  1. Yes I forgot the dependent part. You can check the minimum income for dependent qualification and use only that for HRA exemption. However it will be a small amt.

  2. Dear Amit, wife thing is not possible as already told by dear FFC. Now in case of mother, as she is your dependent for not having any income source, how can you pay rent to generate an income to her & still claiming her your dependent? Is it not concealing of facts?

    Many of your friends may be doing such things but do remember, sooner or later, these practices ‘ll be caught by authorities. Even in your case, how much rent ‘ll you pay to your mother to claim HRA benefit? May I know then details of your possible calculations for rent to mother & saving there on?



  3. of course mother should own the house.

  4. rent to mother is possible.

    rent to wife is not. (the relationship in non-commercial in the eye of the law!)

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