80G Deductions

POSTED BY Swaminathan S ON June 8, 2013 4:12 pm COMMENTS (3)


My IT form submission date ended in last december. In my company they didn’t accept that 80G tax deductible receipts. They asked to submit that proof while filling the form 16. I transfered my amount to my father’s account. Through his account he donated some amount to the organisations which are coming under 80G. Receipt is in my name. Am I eligible to show that receipts to IT department along with my form 16?



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  1. Dear Swaminathan, yes is the answer. Clearly explained by dear Pattu above.



  2. You can. Best to get a signed receipt from your father stating that you had transferred X amt on Y date for Z purpose. print out yours and your fathers bank account statement (on that day) plus the entry of transfer to the organization and keep it along with the donation receipt right away in case if any future clarification from the IT dept.

    1. Swaminathan S says:

      Thank You very much for your timely guidance..

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