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Dear Sir, I have one lac deduction under 80c as tax saving fd.while efiling tax returns in itr-1 form,should i attach any proof for the same? If no, will the tax officer contact me at a later time for submitting proof? How do they verify that i am actually eligible for the deduction? Thanks n regards..Aseef

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  1. Dear BanyaFA, Are you sure it’s 10Y?



  2. BanyanFA says:

    As per the new requirements, you do not need to attach any proofs with the e-filing of the return. However, please hold on to your tax related documents for 10 years as Income Tax Officer can open your file for 10 years and may require evidences against your income, income tax rebates, tax challans, etc.

    Hence, I would suggest you to create a seperate Income Tax File for each of your family members to retain the documented evidence for your tax related matters.


  3. Dear Aseef, please do note, the new ITR forms implemented from AY 2008-2009 are attachment less forms. No need to attach any support documents. In case your ITR is selected for scrutiny, then only you w’d have to show the proof to your income tax officer.

    Else what even info you providing in your ITR ‘ll be accepted as correct in good faith. Remember, you are signing a declaration at the end of ITR-

    “I ………. s/d/o …….. having PAN ……. do hereby declare that whatever stated above is true to my best knowledge & belief.”

    So it’s who you are taking the responsibility of the facts & figures provided in your ITR & thus onus lies on you to prove the correctness of the same if demanded so by Income Tax people.



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