2-Wheeler insurance

POSTED BY Advait ON December 28, 2011 12:02 pm COMMENTS (2)

I have 2W-motor insurance from United India and is expiring today. I’m not able to renew online with United and hence looking for best alternatives. Please suggest best alternative with no-claim bonus with the current policy.


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  1. Dear Advait, You may contact any broker, local agent of United as well as other insurer to do the job for you.



  2. Check out http://www.motorinsuranceindia.com/twowheelerInsuranceIndia.for comparing the quotes. ICICI Lombard lets you carry over No claim bonus and the policy can be issued right away. Folks here may have experienced instant insurance issuance with other Insurance firms also.

    Disclosure: This is not an endorsement for ICICI Lombard but just because you are short of time this may be an option.

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