2 Health Insurance policies – Can I claim from both insurance companies?

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I have 2 health insurance policies one from ICICI and one from New India- 5 lacs each.

recently my father in law went through angioplasty and the expenses amounted to 6.8 lacs.

Can i claim from both companies? Please advise.

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  1. priyanka says:

    Thank you for your revert. I shall check with both the companies.

  2. yes you can. They may each pay 50% or any % which they agree upon. You are likely to get the full amt provided all the paperwork is intact. (all the bills the hospital records etc. )

    you will need to contact both companies and find out who you should first send the original documents to. The other will get a copy. But it is best to be upfront about the whole thing write to them in detail and get a written answer.

    it may take a while but you should get it.

    the is one issue: reimbursement claims usually require prior intimation (during hospitlization) I hope you did this to both insurers.

    If he is discharged and certified as fit you need to act fast

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