100BestBuy a fraud company – Very bad experience !

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Dear Manish,

I find your posts very informative and always read them. Today I’m contacting you because, I have been going through with a very bad situation. Please read below contain which I had sent to 100bestbuy.com

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m Jayesh Bora from Pune. Few days ago I received email, “Buy 3 BlackberryS Formal Shirt at 1099”. I clicked on that email and did shopping of BlackberryS shirt ( 1 Quantity), Ralph Polo 3 T-shirt for 1190 and 146 shipping charges. Total buying was worth 2435. While I was placing online order I received call from company, their executive said additionally they have 1 more offer. If I pay 9999 I will won Acer Iconic Tablet and Reebok wrist watch. This gift will be send with my other orders. If I opt that deal I will be lucky customer to choose in 15 and out of that 12 will be selected for winning Samsung S4. I found this exciting and bought that deal. So now my total buying of Rs 2435 became 12434.

Once I opt Rs. 9999 deal I will get Rs. 9999 credit in my 100bestbuy a/c with validity of 3 years. Also they said if I buy Rs. 9999 deal and in future I feel I don’t want to continue, they will give 6 months of return guarantee, condition is produce should be unused ( i.e Acer Tablet & Reebok Watch). I also asked If i cancel return produce worth Rs. 9999 I will get cash back, their executive said, yes I will surely get cash back (without asking any questions).After completing buying I will receive call from 100bestbuy to confirm order and same will be processed after that only. But till today I haven’t receive any call, no message, no email stating my order, its transaction id etc etc. Same day i.e. 29th March 2014 late night I put request using contact us section, to cancel my order of Rs 9999 and I want to wish BlackberryS shirt & Ralph Polo T-shirt.

I didn’t receive any response to that email also. Next day on 30th march 2014 I called on +91 80 67536400 / +91 8067539300. Call was connected to Rahul kumar Gupta (i guess name is right) I explained him all details about my order and I don’t want to receive acer tablet and reebok watch. He said order will be canceled, but I will not receive any money back, instead I will get credit equal to that amount, I said, “your executive said I will surely get cash back. I request him to email me recorded call which was recorded while placing order. He promised me I will receive email within 3 hours. But till today I have not received.

On 2nd March 2014 I received 3 BlackberryS shirt & 3 Ralph Poolu T-shirt not Acer tablet and Reebok watch. On 3rd March 2014 again wish to place an order of same 3 BlackberryS shirt & 3 Ralph Polo T-shirt ( 1 Qty each ) I called on +91 80 67536400, because I couldn’t able to use credits which I’ve in my 100bestbuy a/c. Their executive said I need to make 50% billing amount in cash and 50% billing amount can be used from credit points. This note made me really angry. I couldn’t control my anger, I said, your executive told me I can make 100% use of credit points while making purchase. He spoke with me for 2-3 minutes and then he placed my call on hold for 3 minutes without giving me prior intimation. Later he disconnect my call.

This all has proven while making buying you promise, but later you don’t deliver your promise.
What I want you to do is, once I received Acer tablet and Reebok Watch I will return again and I want my Rs. 9999 back. I don’t wanna to get credit against that not I’m interested in doing future buying with you.
If you don’t act like wise I need to escalate this to consumer court, and other who can help me to file complaint against you.

I lodge complaint against them with akosha, consumer complaint, jago grahak jao, peheredar.I received reply from akosha only. They said they are helpless and can’t solve me issue. Can you help me this matter and fight with me to get my money back in form of cash not credit points.

Waiting for jiffy reply.

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Jayesh, greed has no solution, that’s my plain and blunt reply to your query. You like it or not is your choice.

    You should think before act, not reverse. If you feel you have been cheated, the final way is to file a police complaint of cheating and forgery. You are ready for that or not is your choice.



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