I am going to purchase a flat of land owner share

I am going to purchase a flat of land owner share in a newly constructed apartment (95% completed possession in june 2015 ) in Mumbai. Please clear my doubts. 1.whether I can get exemption of VAT & SERVICE TAX ?(Landowner already paid service tax and vat and registry is also done i am second owner […]


Retrospective Interest on delayed payment by builder

I had booked a under-construction flat from a builder in August 2014 through bank loan. Due to delay from the builder my registration happened on 2nd Jan 2015 instead of October 2014 (which was the initial schedule). Demand letters were raised by the builders during this period but since my registration did not take place […]


How to overcome my Home Loan EMI issue ?

Hello all, I am a salaried person with monthly income of INR 85,000 and having a home loan from SBI of INR 3,00,000 for which the EMI is about INR 20,000. I am having surplus amount (money) with me by which I can clear this home loan but at the same time I want to buy […]


Capital Gain from real estate sale

I’m planning to sell my flat from which I will be having a capital gain of ‘x’ lacs (less than 50 lacs). I’m aware of two options that I have 1) Either reinvest the capital gain by buying another property within 2 years OR open a capital gains savings account; 2) Keep the money for […]


How to make a will for just one property ?

I have a property (flat) with joint ownership with my father. The property is not inherited, but my father have other property too. Can I make a will on this property alone. And not mention details of other properties.


How to get genuine reviews of Real Estate projects?

Hello Sir, I have two questions: While buying books/mobiles/tablets etc, we find a host of websites/magazies offering reviews by experts/buyers/users. Similarly, is there any genuine website/magazine in India which provides comprehensive reviews and ratings of Real Estate projects launched in India? How to locate real estate consultants/lawyers for verifying documents if one plans to buy […]


How to get Commercial Loan for Shops ?

Hi, Like Home Loan, it is 80% of the propery base cost. Are there any constraints for Commercial Loans? If yes, can I get more details like which bank I should prefer for Commercial Loan/interest rates/tenure/eligibility?


What are property selling right of husband after death of wife ?

A husband bought a residential flat in the name of himself and his wife. Husband has paid all the money. The couple has 2 daughter(married, all major) and 1 son(unmarried, major). His wife has died. Can the husband now sell the the flat without taking NOC from his children. will it be legal?


How much share does a son get in property where there are two wives of grandfather ?

Currently we are facing property disrupt for redevelopment property. Property on my Great Grandfather name who died near 1972 . He had two wife and that wife had two respective children (both are boys). One Great Grandmother died in 1958. One grandfather have two children (both are boys- My dad belong this category) and another […]


Will the indexation apply on the base house cost or even the interior expenses?

Hi, I bought a house in Feb 2008 by paying Rs 15.5 lacs. Stamp Duty and registration charges were  Rs 1.5 lacs. I spent approximately 3 lacs for modifications and interiors. So total cost of my house was around Rs 20 lacs. I sold this house in May 2014 for Rs 60 lacs. To calculate capital gains tax, […]


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