How I can calculate the EMI for an educational loan?

Hi, I am planning to take an educational loan for my 2 years course for 5 years. Course fees – 4 Lakh per year. I will be taking 4 Lakh loan in 1st year and same for 2nd year course. I have visited the online website for a bank and rate of interest is 10.50 […]


Policy to safeguard home loan

Dear Sir, I had taken a home loan of 29.86L from ING Vysya on 22nd Sep’2012 (29L home loan plus 86k for policy of five years); In Feb’15 I got balance transfer done to ICICI as I got a good deal. In ING I was primary applicant whereas my wife was secondary applicant. In ICICI […]


SBI General home loan – Pre EMI+MF vs Full EMI

I am planning to take SBI home loan for amount 16 Lacs, tenure 20 years. As loan amount is less than 20 Lac , SBI not giving Maxgain scheme (new amendment 🙁 ) I am confused between pre-emi and full emi.. opt 1: Paying full Emi from day 1 opt 2: Paying pre-emi for Moratorium […]


Fixed to Floating Conversion of EMI in LIC

Hi Team, I have taken around 25 lakhs of Home loan from LIC at 10.25 ROI for 2 yrs fixed. Now its completed, the ROI is showing in the LIC portal as 11.75% . I had a visit to LIC office and they said I can reduce the ROI from 11.75% to 10.90% by paying […]


How to reduce EMI for MaxGain account which is not fully disbursed ?

How to reduce EMI for MaxGain account, which is not fully disbursed. As specified by your response it is possible by parking some amount and sending a letter to SBI. But SBI branch states they do not have circular for this, can you please provide circular number and how to take its printout of circular […]


What is the current SBI Home Loan Rate?

I read in the newspapers that the home loan rate for SBI has been come down to 10.15%. Also have a link that mention the same – My current rate (as reflected on the SBI site after logging-in) is 10.3%. My loan amount is below 75L. I called up SBI and spoke to the […]


Waveoff on home loan because of Husband’s death ?

I took loan in private finance company. I want to close the loan. My husband was applicant he used repay. Now he is no more. Can I get any wave of benefits on my husband’s death?


Should I Redeem from Mutual funds and prepay home loan

I have a SBI TOP UP home loan of Rs. 7.5 Lacs at interest rate of 11.5% for which I am paying an interest of approx. 8,000/- per month. (My original SBI home loan is of 24 Lacs @ 10.5% interest rate for next 25 years) Similarly I am investing in MF through SIP route […]


Can I claim the PRE-EMI in 5 installment after I have close the loan pre-paying ?

I have closed my home loan of 20 lakh in Feb this year and construction got over in January 2015. However I have paid the pre-emi for last 4 years. Can I claim the pre-emi in 5 installment for next 5 years. ? Thanks, Asis


Stamping and Franking charges on Home Loan top-up for woodworks

Hi Manish & team, I am have been approved a home loan of Rs.24,00,000 (24 lakhs) from SBI. SBI has deducted 0.1% stamp duty for documentation and 0.1% franking charges after registration of property. After Registration i have applied for top-up loan of Rs.8,00,000 (8 Lakhs) and it is sectioned recently by Bank. Now as […]


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