Critical Illness and Permanent Disability – How to choose ?

I have already have Family Floater Health insurance and Term Insurance of 1 cr. Please advice which is the best critical illness cover and permanent disability cover available in India and how to choose the best plan.


How LIC calculates surrender value ?

I have taken LIC jeevan saral 4 years back. I have paid 4 premiums of 24000 each. I wanted to surrender the policy and today I went to surrender the policy and the LIC guys told me that the surrender value is 65000. I am not sure how LIC calculates the surrender value. It says […]


Cheated 2 times with Birla Sun Life Insurance agents

Hello Manish, I have purchased Birla Sun Life policy in March 2012. This policy has given me so much problems Birla sun Life Vision PlanPremium amount :- 42000 /- annuallyPremium paying term :- 27 yearsPolicy term :- Lifetime (2088)Sum Assured :- 1134000Purchased :- March 2012 Faced problem 1: After purchasing this policy from third party Insurance […]


Do I need to take a home insurance if my apartment complex is insured?

I live in an apartment complex in Mumbai. There are around 100 flats in the complex insured against earthquake, fire etc. Can I flat owner buy additional insurance for his property? Assuming that a major disaster destroys the entire building, how much can 1 apartment owner claim? Will it be divided equally? Or should I […]


Query regarding health insurance policy in loan with HDFC

Hi ! I’m SAMAR my cousin had taken a loan from HDFC. now after few months they have sent a health policy of HDFC ERGO saying you have to & sent a 8700 premium health suraksha product for three years , Their agent claimed to include his parents in this but initially they received health […]


Taxation on Surrender Value of LIC Jeevan Anand after 8 yrs !

I had LIC Jeevan Anand (paid for 8 years) I surrendered it last week. I want to know whether the surrender value that I will going to get should be declared and tax (as income)?


Which Insurance policy I should recommend to my maid servant ?

I want to recommend a insurance policy to my maid servant ( 40 yrs) so that she has something to fall back on in her old age. Since she has maximum trust on LIC , which is the best single premium endowment plan that I should recommend ?


Two queries on LIC Policy: Jeevan Suraksha [Plan 122 – E]

Date of commencement : 03/03/2000 Date of vesting                  : 03/03/2013 Date of 1st Pension           : 03/04/2013 Q1: As per Policy Bond Pension Amount per month Rs.2533.00[under option:Without Commutation].         Through Option Form [dated 26/02/2013] LICI is reducing this amount to Rs.2338.00 [-7.7%].         We appealed through RTI for justification. LICI is stating that some error […]


Which is the best /most recommended mediclaim insurance ?

I am 31 yrs old single lady with no health issues. So far I want to take a medical insurance for myself …Please recommend me a good/reliable one. plus i m employed so my company provides medical too but with now-a-days job market i feel its better to take one on my own too is it […]


How to calculate Dearness Allowance ?

The Scale of Dearness Allowance applicable to the Officers shall be determined as under: Index : All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers. Base : Index No. 2944 in the Series 1960 = 100 Rate of Dearness Allowance: For every four points in the quarterly average over 2944 points, the dearness allowance shall be […]


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