Very late withdrawal of PF from employer after 20 years

I left a company in 1994. From a PF viewpoint it was an “exempted establishment. I started working for another company immediately and filled up form 13 for transfer of PF. When I retired in 2010 I found that this company had not transferred my PF. After great follow up they say it was paid […]


How to find date of opening of EPF account ?

The PF component in my salary was included after a few years of joining the company. Till then the salary slip also did not show any PF component. After working for many years in the company and coming out of it, how can I find out as to when an EPF account was opened for […]


What is ideal time to start new ppf account ?

Team jagoinvestor, Thanks a lot ! You are eyeopener for me. Its just start up for me in Personal Finance. Believe me, since last 2 weeks, i am reading your articles, just like an obsessive mind 🙂 and getting lots of real – practical information on Personal Finance. I am exploring my ‘Threshold Point’ now..! […]


I have 2 PPF accounts, What should I do now ?

I did’nt knew I have opened two PPF account as I was in impression I had opened post office account . My friend got PPF account in postoffice in 2002 (someone had target to achieve in Post office) which I never used and was in impression it was simple post office account. Now by chance after […]


EPF nominee update: procedure and experience?

I wish to change the nominee on my EPF account. I submitted the relevant form to the finance guy at the office. he accepted it but said that there’s no guarantee that it will be done (if it will be done, not just when!) he said, he will submit it to the EPFO but cannot […]


Larger contribution towards pension in EPF

Hi All, Looks like the pension contribution has been increased from RS: 541 per month to Rs: 1250 per month It means after retirement, if the person(worked in private sector) has serviced for 35 years or more will get Rs: 7500 per month Any thoughts on this?? Thanks, Deena


Employer not co-operating with father for withdrawal of PF

My father had been working in a firm since last 26 years. Due to some reasons he took leave on written application from his employer for 15 days and when he came back the employer refused him from joining his job without any reason and misbehaved a lot with abuses etc. My father waited for […]


Can we open a PPF Account after closing the old one ?

Is it possible to open a second PPF account, after the first one has been closed?  


2 UAN generated from two employer ? How to do ?

Hello Manish, I left my previous company on 1st April 2014 and joined new company on 7th April 2014. Now problem is I have been alloted UAN no. from both employer. I want to withdraw whole amount of EPF of previous employer. So kindly guide me what to do in this situation?


Can I restart a PPF investment ?

Hi, I had taken a PPF 4 years ago and i have invested around 8,000 INR in it for the first 2 years and for the last 2 years i haven’t invested anything. I have been following your forum and suggestions closely and i think i should invest regularly in PPF. I wanted to know […]


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