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How We Do Financial Health Checkup? Check Video below:

What is Financial Planning?
Financial Planning is all about preparing for future financial goals today. Its an exercise of analyzing your income, expenses, financial goals,spending pattern,investments,loans to find out the corrective actions to improve your financial life.
Financial Planning Includes following things
  • Investment Planning

  • Goals Planning

  • Insurance Planning

  • Debt Planning

  • Retirement Planning

  • Children Education Planning

What is Financial Planning

Plans & Pricing!

Fees starts from Rs 11,999 + GST


  • Detailed Discussion on your Financial Data
  • Get your Financial Life Score out of 100
  • Get a 15 parameter Finscore Report + Discussion
  • 1 year access to FINSCORE Platfrom
  • Detailed discussion on Financial Goals
  • Get customized Mutual Fund Portfolio with names
  • Risk Profiling With Equity Orientaion Call


  • Detailed Discussion on your Financial Data
  • Get your Financial Life Score out of 100
  • Get a 15 parameter Finscore Report + Discussion
  • 1 year access to FINSCORE Platfrom
  • Detailed discussion on Financial Goals
  • Get customized Mutual Fund Portfolio with names
  • Risk Profiling With Equity Orientaion Call

Extra Premium Benefits In this Package

  • Experienced and Premium Financial Planner
  • Old Mutual Fund Portfolio Analysis
  • Home Loan Prepayment Strategy
  • Old Life Insurance Policies Analysis
  • 1 Year Priority Support
  • 1 Year Access to THREE Online Video Courses

Are you an NRI? Check out our NRI services Page

Addtional Benefits when you invest through our Platform

Regular Portfolio Reviews

Our team will manage your portfolio and monitor it from time to time to see if there are any changes required. We will do 2 yearly reviews with you

Premium Content Access

We create various video/audio/pdf content from time to time which are paid for outside world. You get FREE access to everything

FREE Financial Planning

We will do your financial planning each year and make sure that you are on track of your financial life and identify all issues which needs to be sorted

Web / Mobile Apps

You get access to our mobile & web apps for doing transactions & the app also helps you to track your financial goals progress

Periodic Goals Progress Report

You get a progress report for all your financial goals on a periodic basis which tells you if you are on track or not.

Premium Support

You get premium support from us round the year. We will be your partner in your wealth creation journey.

10 questions test - Do you really need financial planning?

Check your current situation by answer these 10 questions. Its a quick checkup of your situation and tells you if you are doing well or not. If your score in this test is BAD, its an indication that you require a detailed financial health checkup (FINSCORE)!

[qsm quiz=3]


Our financial planning is process driven and not human driven anyways. Which means that the process of data filling, advice delivery and creation of financial plan is centralized already. 

The planner who works with you will be a qualified CFP (certified financial planner) or a NISM certified investment advisor. They are trained enough and qualified to work with investors and deal with their queries. 


Yes, we will suggest you in taking the right term plan and health insurance plan as per your requirement. 

We can also help you in buying the policy totally online (and at the same premium which you get online on your own). 

Just because you are investing does not mean that your financial life is planned well and things are in order. There are more than 15 parameters which we check when do your financial planning.

How well are you investing is just 1 parameter we look at. If you are investing already, it becomes even more important for you to check if you are on right path or not?

If you are investing through our platform, in that case you do not pay yearly fees. All you need to pay is ONCE and till the time your investments are managed by us, there is no yearly fees for you.

Otherwise, the fees payable by you is valid for the project till its delivered. Once delivered, you can then come back to us in future if you want to go through the exercise again and pay again.


As our model is online, any person sitting either in India or outside India can take our service and its delivered to everyone in exactly the same way. 

We have often seen that NRI's require financial planning much more than residents because a higher amount is involved most of the times and one small mistake can cost lakhs of rupees.

We already have more than 100+ NRI clients at the moment

We currently have close to 800+ families as our clients. We have clients from almost all the major and small city in India and many NRI clients across US, Middle East, UK, Singapore and other 20+ countries.

Yes, you can surely take only advice and pay the fees for that advice. 

There is no compulsion of investing through us. Only if you trust our process and are excited with our wealth creation services - you can choose to go with it.

Finscore is a Copyrighted tool created by Jagoinvestor after working with more than 2000 clients. 

It is an intelligent planning tool which helps an investor in taking their financial life to the next level. We take your financial data, do some number crunching at the back end and screen your overall financial life using 15 strong parameters. It analyzes your financial life and give a score between 1-100.

Finscore is about aligning your financial life with the defined 15 parameters and taking corrective actions.

Actually its the best situation to be in.

If you are totally new to investing, its means you are like a blank canvas. You have no past mistakes baggage and we don't have to spend time in correcting things. We just have to plan things out and get into action quickly.

Yes ,

we have an exhaustive contract which will be signed with you. It has all the points related to data confidentiality and data security along with terms and conditions.

Yes, we take your data online and our website is https enabled. Our servers are fully secure and we take measure in data protection. 

Only you have access to your data along with our team. Your data is always used for generating your Finscore and to provide advice and nothing else.

You can be rest assured about the data security.

100% . Your data is never shared with any 3rd party ever.

We use your data only for what is mentioned in the contract, which will be to provide the financial advice to you. 

Our ideal client is someone who earns anywhere from 10 lacs to 75 lacs per annum. However that's 95% of our client base. We also have clients who want to just start a SIP of Rs. 5000 or want to just do tax saving !. So please talk to our team in anycase.

Most of our clients are in following professions

  • Software Engineers
  • Doctors
  • Management professionals
  • Business class
  • Govt employees
  • Marketing and financial employees
  • All kind of salaried people

Not at all! .

There is no account opening charges or any transaction charges. You will not pay anything else other than the fees mentioned in the start of your project. 

For any other queries, please reach out to us at or Whatsapp/call us on 9979922535

Testimonials from our Clients

I started my first SIPs in Novemnber 2011 at the age of 39. Frankly, how I wish I had started it much earlier...but better late than never.

However, my real story started when I came in contact with Jago Investor team. I contacted them first in October 2014 by searching on net.

Their financial health check up is a systematic approach to know where we stand today...After thoroughly going through all my so-called investments, they made many changes, made me stop bank FDs, old SIPs, Insurance policies & what not...and they devised a new financial plan for me.

Abhay Pagar, Ahmedabad
Abhay Pagar, Ahmedabad

It was indeed one of my biggest sigh of relief even before starting SIPs - it was when I registered myself with JagoInvester
I had been following JagoInvestor blog since 2 years and I knew I needed help.

My financial health check was an expected eye opener.

Eventually after a lot of calls and discussions when my first SIP was set up - i was further relieved. Now every month - I feel as eager to see my SIP deducted from my account, as much as I await my salary 🙂

Rachana Chokkapu, Gurgaon
Rachana Chokkapu, Gurgaon


Frankly, that has been the best decision of my life to work with Jagoinvestor Team.

They held my hand through the entire process, explaining each and every small detail, helping me creating goals, told me what I was doing wrong (made me sell the ULIP - that was a difficult frog to swallow ! ) and designed my investment plan.

I started out ambitiously, moving nearly 40% of my income into SIP's.

I've been doing it for a lot tole more than a year now, and it's been fabulous. In a year when the markets haven't moved much, we managed a decent growth of nearly 20 %

Niyaz Ashraf, CALICUT
Niyaz Ashraf, CALICUT

I was very apprehensive about investing in Mutual funds and the associated risks that come with them. But the Jago Investor team alleviated my fears and advised that long term investments usually cater to be profitable.

And even though my investments were not going to be that substantial, I did not see any discrimination in handling of my portfolio by the team.

Lastly I would like to say that the Jago Investor team is always available to you. I really appreciate their prompt responses in any given scenario.

Ayan Sarkar, Pune
Ayan Sarkar, Pune


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