DIY Financial Planning

Plan 10 financial goals of your life with our online video lessons + worksheets


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Life Insurance

Make sure your family is secured from future expenses


Health Insurance

Save your family from big medical bills and protect your wealth


Emergency Fund

Prepare yourself from expenses due to emergency situations


Buying Car

The first big expense and a small milestone in life


Buying House

Plan your dream home in the right way required least downpayment


Children Education

Plan for the big expenses of your children higher education


Children Marriage

Should you plan in big way or go frugal for this goal? Find out!



Plan and investor for your biggest and longest goal in life


Loan Prepayment

Find out if you should prepay that big loan or invest your money


Tax Planning

Find out how you can minimize tax outgo in legal manner

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About Program

The Do it yourself (DIY) Financial planning program has 10 recorded videos of around 280 min duration in total along with 5 bonus videos on some topics to about basics.

You will learn how to plan various financial goals of your life and how to think about its planning.

You will also learn common mistakes to avoid and how to find the amounts required to achieve these goals in future.

Complete your Basic Financial Planning in next 180 days & take it to next level.

Testimonials for DIY financial Planning Program


Abhijeet Patki

Senior Project Architect, Mumbai

I had opted for Jagoinvestor DIY financial Planning Program few months back. While I have been keen follower of Jagoinvestor Portal and its key narratives which are published every time, this program gave me good insights of how can one easily do their own financial planning.</p

Many people are either ignorant about the financials or presume that they are well to do off.

However, this programs with examples cited by Manish does emphasize on the necessity of the exercise to carry out financial planning. It may not be possible for everyone to consult or avail services of a CFP, but what this program does, is that it provides you information which are more than sufficient for any individual to evaluate their own financial health.

The program covers a vary wide range of topics and all relevant steps that are required to do planning. It also provides vital Excel formulas that are required to do the calculations of financial aspects.

I am very happy that I opted for this program and would highly recommend the same.

Thank you Manish and his team who put up this program. I look forward for more such programs.

4 reasons why its AWESOME!


Very Affordable

You dont have to shell out a lot of money incase you want to do your basic financial planning. The video course is super affordable to anyone.


Self Paced Learning

You can watch the sessions at your own pace when you have time and feel like. You get full 6 month access to complete your financial planning


Simple & Easy

The program is super easy to consume and all lessons are very simple to understand. Even your spouse will be able to understand


Financial Score

We will give you complimentary access to check your financial life score out of 100 using our FINSCORE platform. You can enter your data and get your score.

Trainers & Speakers

Manish Chauhan

Manish Chauhan

Learn from Manish Chauhan through the recorded sessions at your own pace and speed in easy and simple language

You will love his teaching style where he talks at the level of beginner investor


Nandish Desai

Get Clarity on your doubts and get your queries answered by Nandish Desai.

We will do complimentary Q&A webinars from time to time for our inner community of DIY Financial Planning registered members to handhold them and make sure they do complete the actions.

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Frequently Asked Questions


The program is created keeping in mind a beginner investor who might not have enough understanding of personal finance concepts and financial planning.

This program will surely help you to get started with your basic financial planning.

Dont get scared at all. 

Each video session focuses first on the "knowledge" part which is mainly power point presentations and towards the end of each session there are calculations explained which are very simple to understand for a common man.

We have made sure that we explain the logic and calculations.

If you do not want to understand the logic part, in that case - you also have an option of just punching your numbers and getting the final answers in the worksheets.


This is not a 1-1 service.

Its a low cost online video course, which you can watch as per your convenience. You are mainly paying for watching the video program and replicate what is taught there for yourself. 

You will get chance to resolve your queries or doubts, if any - in the webinars we do from time to time. If you want to get personalized financial planning, then you need to look at our financial planning service.

This is a "DIY Financial Planning" program which means that you will learn - how to plan for various financial goals of your life. We are talking about the logic and calculations part. 

The program will give you a strong foundation on how to think and act in your financial life. 

Portfolio construction and choosing mutual funds portfolio is a time consuming process and its not part of this this program, however our team will be happy to take you as our client, if you are ready for our wealth creation services.

However, in the online program - we have given some high level direction on which category of products you can invest. 

Its a self learning DIY financial planning video program. So the trainer is going to teach you how you can yourself do your own planning. 

Unlike a personalized financial planning, you will not be working with a mentor/planner who will do things for you. 

This program is for someone who wants to do things themselves by paying a small fees

Yes, That is possible.

Once you complete this program, you can always upgrade to our personalized program where a dedicated person will work with you on your project.

Whatever amount you have paid for the program will be deducted from the fees and you can pay the balance amount.

If you upgrade, you will get added benefits like portfolio creation, mutual fund names and handholding support apart from detailed conversations with your financial planner. 

Once you register for the program, you will get a "Joining link" which can be used for accessing the program videos + excel sheets.

Even in future, you just have to click on this same link when you want to access the program. There is no login or password for the program, but a personalized link for each member.

Note that this is a link only for you and should not be shared with any other person. If you are found sharing this with any other person, your access will be cancelled for the program immediately. 


There is no distinction in lessons for NRI or resident. Every lesson addresses the questions which any kind of investor has in their financial life. 


Following 10 financial goals are covered in this program

  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Emergency fund
  • Buying House
  • Buying Car
  • Children Education
  • Children Marriage
  • Retirement Planning
  • Loan Prepayment
  • Tax Planning

The whole idea was to cover the most common financial goals every investor has so that they can make a great start of their financial lives and do not make basic mistakes.

You will be able to download only the excel worksheets.

You will have online access to videos for 180 days from your payment date. Normally financial planning projects are completed in 30 days, but here extra time is given so that you can complete things as per your speed and requirements.

Its not possible.

The fees for the program is not very high compared to the one-on-one financial planning service. 

Yes, we can do that if you want.

If you feel that you need assistance in taking any action. We will help with following things

  • Buying a Term Plan
  • Buying a Health Insurance
  • Starting your SIP's in mutual funds
  • Helping you get started with mutual fund investments

Once you register for the program, you can leave your requirements at


Its a basic financial planning program and not a stock market related program, hence anything related to stock investing is not covered.

This is a product and not a service. 

Hence there is no refund once you have made the payment, because you get access to the program soon after you register for the program.

Incase you are not able to decide, and want to ask anything regardingt the program, please email us at so that we can let you know if you should buy the program or not.

You can email us at or contact us at 9979922535 during working hours (10 am to 6 pm) on weekdays!

Note that this online program will only help you do your basic financial planning which is the minimum every investor should do in their financial life. 

We feel that this program is the first step for every investor once they start their financial life. 

However, following set of people should not buy this program

  • Investors having very complex financial life and looking for personalized advisory
  • Investors who have already planned most of their life and now are looking for advanced things
  • Someone who is looking for doing lots of conversations regarding his/her financial life and take 2nd opinion on most of the things.

Incase you did not get answer to your question, you can email us at

Still have doubts & Queries? Contact us!

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  • Simple and Easy to Learn

  • Complimentary Q&A Webinars

  • Complimentary Financial Health Score

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