The basics of Trading with example of Reliance – For beginners

What is Trading? I see many people who want to try there hands in trading . Trading means buying and selling something with a short tenure in mind. Short tenure can be day, week or months. You can trade Stocks, Derivatives like Futures or Options or you can try out Commodities or currencies too. The […]


What is Nifty BeEs ?

Nifty BeEs an Index based ETF, which tracks Nifty index . Nifty BeEs can be a important part of your portfolio. One unit equals around 10% value of index , Means if Nifty is around 3000 , one unit of Nifty BeEs will be around 300 (can be less or more a bit also , […]


Game of Trading , Risk Management Part 1

Lets play a game, the name of the game is “Game of Trading”. I am stock market and you are investor. You have got 2 chances of investing you money, One time I will give you 200% return and other time I will give you -80%, or in reverse order, so it can either be […]


8 keys ratios to look at before buying a share

This is a time when long term investing should be done. If you have spare cash for long term, Equity is for you. But how do you do it? How do you choose them? What are the important things you should look at while buying shares for long term? There are some key things we […]


Some Basic Information on Trading and Investing

Trading and investing are two different things which confuses lot of beginner investors. In this article I’m going to tell you what is trading and investing and how they are different from each other. What is an Index? NIFTY and SENSEX are the Index, they are the indicator of how Markets are performing. An Index […]


Basics of Options trading for beginner investors

Looks like people are very much interested in learning about Derivatives. Let me try to put basic things about Derivatives. Read how you can Hedge your portfolio using PUT options Let me first talk Good things about Options If there is anything in world which can make you instant rich, it’s Options Trading !!! What […]


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