Dont Judge a mutual fund by its Short Term Performance

“Don’t judge a person by their Sunday appearance” applies to Mutual funds also. Best Mutual funds are the best over most the time frame and Worst mutual funds are the worst performers in most of the time frame. What I mean by this is that the best performers return wise in 5 yrs, 3 yr […]


List of Best Equity Diversified Mutual Funds for 2009

Which is the best Equity Diversified Mutual Fund ? . I am going to list down some of the best Mutual funds which I have figured out from . I am listing down 6 Equity Diversified Mutual Funds and 3 Tax-saving Mutual funds . I will highlight the main points of Mutual funds like […]


New Mutual Funds Charges from ICICI

ICICIDirect has revised its brokerage charges for Mutual funds Investments . Some time back SEBI abolished mutual funds entry load , In this post we will see the new charges by ICICIDirect and analyse if its good or bad . The new revised charges look good to me . In case you don’t know what […]


How Builders are Not keeping their Promises in Real Estate

Deepak Shenoy came up with a very nice article on How Builders are not keeping there promises while delivering the Residential Properties. He shares his views on Why it does not make sense to buy Real estate currently at idiotic prices level currently . He also links to another article of this where he compares […]


SEBI ends Entry Load on Mutual funds Schemes

Cheers !! .. SEBI now says : “Investors will not have to pay an entry load for investing in mutual fund schemes anymore. They will instead pay a commission to their distributor or advisor directly and the quantum of the upfront commission would be mutually agreed upon.” More Competition and hence little cheaper for Investors […]


Video Post explaining "How to choose a good mutual Fund"

I am trying out a video post for the first time ,I am sure you all would like it . I have talked about How to Choose Mutual Funds . Have a look . I have explained how to look for mutual funds and how to compare them with other . Make sure you choose […]


Magic of SIP in Mutual Funds , Part 2

Some days back I had talked about SIP and its characteristics using some examples , you can read it here . Today we will take that forward and see other important things related to Systematic Investment Plan. So , We have that same last example where 1,00,000 was invested over 2 years using Systematic Investment […]


REMF (Real Estate Mutual Funds)

Finally many people like me have chance to take take plunge in the rising and booming Real estate sector , Any one who does not have Crores and Lacs to invest in flats , plots etc , to earn the capital appreciation will to be able to invest even small amounts like 5,000 or 10,000. […]


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