Key to Excellent Financial Planning is Early Investing

Today’s article is my favorite, Today we will see that what is the biggest secret of Generating Long term Wealth. Most of the people run after choosing great Mutual fund and choosing right policy, but they do not understand the most important element of Investment Planning, which is Early Investing. In this article we will […]


Why is Decision Making so Hard in Financial world?

“Secret of Happiness is low expectations” In this article we will discuss why it is so hard for us to make financial decisions and what factors play role in delaying our decisions? When we have to make a decision, there are lot of choices offered to us, which makes our life difficult and hence it results […]


Reality of Financial Planning – Knowledge and Perception

Sometime back, I had a Financial Planning Survey on “Where do you place your self on understanding and knowledge of Personal finance and Financial Planning”. In total 96 people participated in the poll. Let’s see how the result compares overall. What were the results and what is the reality and what reasons are connected for […]


What is the goal of Financial Planning

We talk about Financial planning on this Blog. Today let’s see in this article what is the goal of Financial Planning? More importantly what Financial planning is not!! Most of the people think that Financial Planning is about getting great returns and about Finding the best Insurance for yourself and about having better than average […]


How much Risk you should Take ?

Are you a High Risk taker? In this post we will talk about risk-taking in your Investments, be it share investing or mutual funds investing or just any kind of investing. Taking low risk can be equally disastrous as taking high risk. So in this article we will discuss how much risk you must take […]


Can you save 10% of your salary every month?

Answer this question Honestly. Don’t rush, think about it and then answer this very important question. If you get salary cut of 10% and you have to live with 90% of your salary; how will it affect you? In this article we will see some important insights on spending habit and psychological issues. Most of […]


How needs and wants are different from each other?

One of the important aspects of Financial planning is spending money wisely. Now, what does it mean when I say “Spending money Wisely”? All the expenses & spending activity we do can be classified under two sub heads ‘Needs’ & ‘Wants’. Improper handling of money happens when you spend too much on your Wants and too less […]


Search within You ..

I was watching a seminar video on my laptop today which was a trading seminar conducted in US, the speaker was an American. In the middle of the seminar he presented a small story which was from Hindu Mythology which made me feel good, I am putting it here word by word after finding it […]


Your investment must be the way you want your life to be – Simple and Easy.

Keep it Simple Please Lot of people thinks that if they choose complex investment products then they can generate a good return. But then key to successful investment is make it as simple and easy as you want your life to be. There are many products available in markets , Some are extremely easy to […]


The Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back

One of my friend is fond of shares and options trading , from a capital of Rs.50,000 , he grew it to Rs 2,00,000 , whereas I am almost at the same place from where I had started because I do some thing called “Risk Management” … Every time I take a trade or invest […]


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