NPS , New Pension Scheme , A detailed Explanation

Today we will be talking about the “New Pension Scheme” Launched by Govt. of India. What is NPS? Its a pension system recently launched by Govt of India from 1st April, 2009.. You can regularly invest your money in this and get a lump sum at your retirement and a fixed monthly income for the […]


One Common question that every beginner investor has – Is Direct Equity for you ?

This is one of the questions which everybody wants answer to . You can do it , but it will require some effort, learning and dedication. Also you will have to develop some kind of discipline and change your attitude a bit. We shall first see who all are into Direct Equity Investing. They are […]


Investor alert – Beware of Mis-selling of financial products

From many years there has been a lot of mis-selling happening in some products and investors are getting trapped in it. In this article I’m going to tell you about mis-selling of financial products so that you avoid getting into this trap. What is Mis-selling ? Mis-selling means selling a product by giving a wrong […]


Leave Travel Allowances and medial Reimbursements – The tax free allowances

As we are in mid Feb of the year and its tax time, I thought to talk a bit on LTA and Medical reimbursement benefits. Though many of you might already know about it, let me go over it in brief for readers who have less knowledge about it. What is LTA ? As the […]


What is mean by Risk Appetite? What determines Risk-appetite?

Have you heard the word “Risk Apetite”? You might have heard this word from your mutual funds agent, your Ulip agent, your stock broker, from analysts giving tips or any other place, we hear the word and then we feel we understand it. may be you understand it, But how do you define it? One […]


Early Investor , Smart Investor – magic of compounding

You are 25, and want to retire at 60, after 35 yrs. You earn anything more than 10k+, and can save more than 2k per month for investing if you wish. You might be earning 30k or 60k or whatever, but I am considering an average urban Indian who is earning 10k or 12k or […]


4 reasons why creating an emergency fund should be a top priority for every investor?

Planning your financial life does not mean planning for your long term financial needs only, It will be incomplete unless you keep an emergency fund for the unexpected emergency situations. In this article i will tell you why it is important to keep emergency fund and how much of this fund you should keep aside. […]


5 Elements of a well-planned financial portfolio management

Everyone is concern when it comes to investment. But lot of investors does the mistake of focusing on investments only and not on their portfolio. Having a good financial portfolio is also as important as an investment. This article will talk about 5 things every financial portfolio must have and we will see that it […]



Today I am going to talk about something which is one of the extremely important tool for risk management and also something which is encouraged if you want stable returns from your investments. We are going to talk about the investments in Equity and Debt. How Re-balancing the portfolio will help in – Risk Management […]


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