What is Systematic Transfer Plan (STP)

Imagine a scenario when you want to invest a big lump sum amount in stock market ? As markets are volatile and can go up or down very soon , there is always risk of loosing a big chunk of your investment (Learn about Stock Markets) . Take a case where you want to invest […]


Review of UTI Mahila Unit Scheme Mutual Fund , Excellent Mutual Fund

Have you seen a Diamond or anything equivalent to that ? No ? I will show you one today . I am going to review a fund which has performed so well that It despite being a Debt oriented Mutual funds has given returns which we expect from Equity over long term . Yes !! […]


SEBI ends Entry Load on Mutual funds Schemes

Cheers !! .. SEBI now says : “Investors will not have to pay an entry load for investing in mutual fund schemes anymore. They will instead pay a commission to their distributor or advisor directly and the quantum of the upfront commission would be mutually agreed upon.” More Competition and hence little cheaper for Investors […]


Why you should be careful while investing in NFO?

Here comes a new NFO!!! In this post we will discuss why one should really be cautious about NFOs and why in general its better not to invest in any NFO. Have you heard about NFOs and IPOs hitting the markets while markets are doing bad? Why is it so? this is a question we […]


Short Review of few Mutual Funds

I did a short and crisp review of some mutual funds for a friend . thought of sharing this here. Franklin India Prima Fund – Dividend 151/208 138/157 61/75 are the ranks for 1 ,3 and 5 year . Not a great one to cheer about . Risk Grade: Above Average Return: Grade Average Tata […]


Video Post explaining "How to choose a good mutual Fund"

I am trying out a video post for the first time ,I am sure you all would like it . I have talked about How to Choose Mutual Funds . Have a look . I have explained how to look for mutual funds and how to compare them with other . Make sure you choose […]


A day in the life of a stock trader – Part II of the series of “Profile of a Day Trader”

This is a guest Article from a fellow blogger friend and a very good Technical Analyst, Nooresh Merani. This is an interesting article where he presents how a profile of a Day trader looks like. A part of this article was published in May 14th Issue of Money Today Magazine. I hope it would be […]


DSP Black Rock Top 100 – A good old Equity Diversified mutual fund

Let’s see a good Equity Diversified mutual fund today, DSP Black Rock Top 100, is an old fund, Its name was DSP ML Top 100 earlier, but now its renamed. It comes from one of the best Mutual funds houses DSP Black Rock. The fund has very good record and consistently outperformed its Benchmark. To […]


Magic of SIP in Mutual Funds , Part 2

Some days back I had talked about SIP and its characteristics using some examples , you can read it here . Today we will take that forward and see other important things related to Systematic Investment Plan. So , We have that same last example where 1,00,000 was invested over 2 years using Systematic Investment […]


Magic of SIP in Mutual funds , Part 1

Numbers Speak !! Today we will see some characteristics of SIP (Systematic investment plans) . this is first part of this article, we will have part 2 of this as well where we will discuss other important things about SIP.   Assumption : We are assuming that investments were started from year 2007, It has […]


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