Review of Tata Retirement Saving Funds

There is a new retirement plan in India designed through a mutual fund that is launched by Tata mutual funds called the ‘Tata retirement saving plan’. The company is trying to market it using a word 30-30 challenge which says that there are 30 yrs of our work life and then 30 yrs of retirement […]


How to redeem mutual funds units – Procedure and Forms to fill ?

Most of the people investing in mutual funds through agent offline have this question – “How to redeem mutual funds ?”.  mutual funds investors often do not know what the procedure to redeem these mutual funds. I redeemed some of my ELSS mutual funds (HDFC tax saver , Sundaram Taxsaver, HDFC long term advantage Fund […]


Why to increase sip amount in your Mutual funds

Do you want to increase the SIP amount for your mutual funds ? Or you want to keep it constant always ? A lot of people start with a SIP amount at first and then look forward to increase SIP amount later. This is a very common of every investor and its “how to increase […]


What is Expense ratio in Mutual Funds

Do you know how expense ratio can impact the returns on your mutual funds returns ? We often hear that expense ratio of a fund is 2% or 1.8%, but we never put lot of thought to understand its impact on our mutual funds returns and our own wealth! Lets touch this topic today in […]


Review of – Invest online in Mutual funds

What is the equity and debt exposure of your portfolio? How many different companies have you invested in through mutual funds? And do you know of any tool with great UI and simple features that can help you analyse your mutual funds and stocks in detail? If you wondered that there is no such website […]


Balanced Funds Performance – HDFC Prudence vs HDFC Top 200

Have there been times when you thought of investing in Balanced funds like HDFC Prudence, but did not invest because you wanted to invest in pure equity funds with maximum exposure to equity? If yes, than you need to rethink this thought because balanced funds have performed superior than equity funds in some cases and […]


Monthly Income Plan : A detailed guide on MIP’s

Monthly Income Plans– When you hear it for the first time, you get a feel that it’s some kind of assured and non-risky product which will deliver you uninterrupted monthly income, but it’s not exactly that way. Do you have a lot of cash which you want to park somewhere with expectation of better returns […]


Convert your Mutual funds into demat form

Do you have all your mutual funds investments in different companies and are looking for aggregating them at a common place? If so, there’s some good news for you. Now you can convert all your existing Mutual funds into demat form, which means that you can now have it electronically stored in your demat account, […]


List of Best Equity Diversified Mutual funds for 2010

Want to invest in best mutual funds in India? Read on. I have compiled a short list of Mutual Funds which are top mutual funds in Equity Diversified category. These are long-term winners in their categories and have proved their performance over the years by beating their benchmark and category average by a good margin. […]


What are Different ways of Buying Mutual Funds

There was a time, when mutual fund investing was limited to calling an agent and investing through him. He filled a form for you, and only bothered you for signatures; This was called as “convenient service.”.  Things have changed now though. With entry loads abolished by SEBI and with so many technological advances, we have […]


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