Rags to Riches money story of Mohit (Employee vs Entrepreneur mindset)

Mohit, one of our readers has agreed to share his rags to riches story which will help a lot of you to build the minset to become rich and do what it takes. Over to Mohit .. — My story is going to be about two generations and how each views, treats and values money […]


How an IT engineer tripled his networth in 8 yrs – An exclusive story

Do you want to read the story of an investor who has tripled his networth in just 8 yrs and learn about his great skills in financial planning? We bring you the money story of one of our readers from Pune, who agreend to share about his life journey and his acheivements. Over to him […]


“We lost 96% of our Wealth .. from RICH to Middle Class”

Today we are sharing a very different money story, where one of our readers is going to share his life journey of becoming a middle class from being RICH years back. Yes – you heard it right. As per his request, we are not revealing his name and identity. I thank him to share his […]


“I created 1.5 crores in last 7 yrs” – here is an Inspiring Money Story !

This time we are going to share money story of another readers of ours (Name not disclosed as per request). This person is from Bangalore, belonging to middle class and is now working in US from the last 2.5 years. He is a regular reader of this blog and agreed to share his money story […]


How money shapes our life? An amazing “money story” of Priyanka

Today you are going to read “money story” of Priyanka Jadhao from Pune. She is 26 yrs of age and just started her career few months back. She will be discussing about her life journey till date from the money perspective. I mean she will talk about her view about money, the incidents from her […]


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