Importance of your Child’s Education plan in coming times !

So, what’s your biggest financial goal in life? Your Child’s education?  Their marriages? Planning your own retirement? What is the strategy you’ll follow to reach these goals? What if I tell you that in the coming times, your way of looking at these goals needs to change? You can’t look at goals the same way […]


What is mean by Instant Gratification? And how does it affects your Financial Life?

Do you understand the meaning of Instant gratification and its affect on your financial life ? We will learn that today. How did we become a generation that “wants things now!” no matter what? Think about this – both, our parents generation and ours, save , invest and spend. What then, is the difference between them […]


The EMI Disease

“A dog held a juicy bone in his jaws, as he crossed a bridge over a brook. When he looked down into the water he saw another dog below with what appeared to be a bigger juicier bone. He jumped into the brook to snatch the bigger bone, letting go, of his own bone. He […]


Common Mistakes in Personal Finance [Part 1]

Spending more than you should Sometimes, people spend impulsively, on things which they do not really need. Just because, your plastic card is in your wallet and you “might” need it in future makes you believe that you need to get it right now. A brand new camera, with a 100 megapixel sensor and a […]


“Papa Kehte Hain” problem in Personal Finance

So I was talking to this reader and came to know that her husband’s investments are done by his father. I was curious to know the reason of this and to my surprise, the biggest reason that came up was that he (the husband) has no interest in Investments and personal finance and hence he […]


Do not Invest just for Tax Saving

“Tax saving should be result of your Investment planning and not vice versa” . Understand this very well . For most of the people, saving tax is such a big thing , that they forget the primary rule of Financial Planning and concentrate all their energy into Tax Saving . I see most of the […]


Search within You ..

I was watching a seminar video on my laptop today which was a trading seminar conducted in US, the speaker was an American. In the middle of the seminar he presented a small story which was from Hindu Mythology which made me feel good, I am putting it here word by word after finding it […]


A conversation with friend on avoiding financial responsibility

In this article I’m going to tell my conversation with one of my friend about investment and different investment tools. We have discussed on both advance and traditional investment tools. Read this chat conversation with one of my old classmate in Graduation. “Manish : So where are you going to invest you money this year? […]


Cost of Ignorance and it’s consequences on financial life with some real life experiences

There are two kind of losses 1. Loss of money because of wrong decisions 2. Loss of potential profit because of lack of knowledge or having wrong information (I like to call it loss) I personally feel and realized most of the losses happen to people because of the second point. Today after so much […]


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