Taking Personal Loan to help a friend ? How it can impact your financial life ?

“Friendship is Forever” – One of the best relationships in this world is Friendship . You are close to your friends  more than your relatives or in some cases even family members. You can go miles to help your friends, spend time and effort for them or even help them financially at times. But there […]


Dont get fooled by High CTC offered by your employer

It was campus placement month, and although everyone declared that they wanted to do quality work once they were placed, they also harbored a secret desire to get placed at the highest salary. When we used to look at our pocket money and compare it with the salary “package” offered by companies, we used to […]


3 reasons why you enjoyed Pocket money more than your Salary !

Just put your hand on your heart and ask yourself what did you enjoy more! – Your Pocket Money which you used to get or your current Salary? I have asked this simple question to many people and the majority of them said “Pocket Money”. Yes, that is the answer I have got!. That small […]


5 signs which proves your financial life sucks and you are screwed up

Is your financial life going well? Are you on the growth path or on the verge of disaster very soon? Your financial life might be in trouble, but maybe there is some more time left before you really take charge of your financial life and really do something about it, else it will crumble and […]


How you become a loser when you pay in black for your real estate property ?

Naresh recently visited a new residential project in Pune which was ready for possession. The property cost was in his budget and he was about to finalize the deal. The total cost of property was around Rs 40 lacs. Stamp duty and Registration cost was to be paid separately which would take total cost to […]


Mistake in your Medical report while taking Term Plan – Real Life Experience

What happens when your hospital goofs up and your term plan premium goes up because of that mistake? When you take a term plan, the insurance company either asks you to take up medical test in some hospital or a doctor comes to your home and does the checkup. Things mostly go well and at times […]


Why you should stop looking at ‘Past Performance’ in Mutual Funds

One day, a calf needed to cross a forest in order to return to its pasture. No one before this had ever ventured in to the forest. Without any rational, it forged out a long and difficult path full of bends, uneven ground and steep climbs. The next day, a dog took the same path […]


6 credit card myths – which can kill your financial life someday !

One of the most used financial products is the Credit card. We all spend so much time to get best credit card, but I have never seen someone, who has spend his time to fully understands the importance of the CVV number, One time password, Signatures on the back of credit card or how secure […]


Does Home Loan kills Enterpreunership ? May be YES

Who doesn’t want to start some venture of their own? Majority of the people are in jobs and a big number of people do not like what they do. If they had a choice, they would really run away in this very moment. But our responsibilities in life and the situation we create for ourselves […]


Loan Settlement hurts Cibil Report & Score !

Did you do any loan settlement in past ? That will surely affect your CIBIL report and score ! . Before we look at that, look at this data – Over 88% of new home loan borrowers in 2011 had a CIBIL score of 750 and above. Do you have a score of 750+ or not […]


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