3 incredible money lessons – I would like to pass on to my Kids

We have worked with more than 500 investors till date one on one and we have decent understanding of how financial lives take shape over the years. Today I am going to share few observations out of working with clients for so many years and will share some mistakes which you should avoid in your […]


7 Incredible reasons why you spend more money each month & How you can control it ?

Wow .. Today I am going to talk about your SPENDING habits and what governs it. Spending money is a critical part of anyone’s financial life and pretty much define’s how our financial life looks like. Spending more is pretty much a reason why we go to our work, because at the end of the […]


6 unique traits of Action oriented investors, which every investor should adopt

We are happy to share that the action month is now ON and it is amazing to see how 200+ people have chosen to participate in action month. It is amazing to see how a small group of people have got together to bring a shift in their financial world. Some of our readers saw […]


8 Core Reasons – Why your income level remains STAGNANT (part 1/5)

At jagoinvestor we have always been trying new stuff  and this time we are coming up with 5 article series on the topic of INCOME every Thursday. These articles will be inter connected and they will help you to work on any one specific area related to money, this time we are going to focus on […]


Allow Wealth coming into your life by breaking your Belief System

Most of the TV channels help in selling products like – Lal Kitab, Suraksha Kavach, Shri Yantra . They do this day and night and according to these advertisements, these products helps people in becoming prosperous. Most of the news channels have at least one show on Palmistry too, which solves people financial problems. Some […]


Are you Scared of Having a kid due to money reasons ? Here are 5 things you should know

Day by day I am realizing that the impact of money is huge on our decision making capacity. The conversation of money is very deep rooted and not just limited to financial goals or wealth creation. Today’s article is based on interaction I had with one my relative, who works in IT sector. We do […]


How I bought 23 things out of excitement and never used them – Lets celebrate SELL week on Jagoinvestor

This article is one long letter, that I have written to myself and to all the spenders out in the world. We have not got any money to promote OLX, we are using the name of the company because most people can relate to the content that way. I have a confession to make, I […]


5 reasons why Financial Life begins at 30 – A wake-up call for all YOUNG investors

This article is to be seen as Financial life –  wake-up call. (Read it and share it with those whom you think needs a wake-up call) When you are in your 20’s the areas that rules your mind are getting a good placement, partying, buying gadgets, finding right life partner or it can be setting-up […]


The BIG Debate – One should Lend money to relatives and friends or NOT?

In past have you ever extended any kind of financial support to some friend or relative and now you are unable to recover the money that you gave? You may have tried hard to get your money back but instead of money you only receive (false/genuine) promises in return. Imagine of a situation where your […]


Are you Overestimating your future income and getting into debt trap ?

Today I want to discuss a problem which is part of almost everyone’s life and creates some really big issues. I am talking about the problem of “Over Estimating your Future Income” . Yes – A lot of people take their current life decisions, based on what they feel about their future career and future […]


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