Is it right to submit fake rent receipts at my office to claim HRA?

If you are living in a rented house and using any fake documents for HRA claim then be careful. Because from now on there will be a big trouble for those who are using fake rent receipts to claim HRA, as Income tax department have started asking for more document. Many times it is seen that […]


1 small trick which can drastically increase your saving rate each month

Do you want to save more money each month? Today, I am going to reveal a secret trick which will help you to increase your monthly investments by some margin. This trick is more of a psychological shift in the way you think about money, emergencies and how much should you invest. However this is […]


11 investing Bias which impacts investors – An audio Podcast !

Do you take all your decisions based on facts or emotions? Be it personal or financial life, it’s a well known fact that 95% of our decision are based on emotions. Today we are going to look at various kinds of behavioral biases in the area of money and in general. For this I got […]


Here is what 11000+ investors told us about their top financial goal?

Few months back, I read an article which talked about the biggest financial goals of Indians. As per their survey, the biggest financial goal for 34% of the respondents was “Securing Child Future”. The only issue was that their survey size was just 150 . “Retirement” was the biggest goal for only 2% of the […]


Top 8 financial regrets of Indian investors (Survey with 11k participants)

We all make various kinds of financial mistakes, and then regret it later. Don’t we? I wanted to find out, what kind of regrets are widespread among Indians, so I ran a survey for many weeks & got an amazing 11,324 participants for the survey. The survey had many questions and various insights can be […]


7 deadly mistakes every early investor should avoid in life

Today I am going to talk about some mistakes which young investors make in their early life. Many experienced investors would be able to relate to it, because often we make these mistakes because there was no one to guide us when we started our journey of wealth creation. “Young investor” here means any person […]


How 2440 Indians think about money – 8 amazing insights (Survey results)

Today I want to talk about MONEY Yes, you heard it right!. I want to just explore the role of money in our life and how it changes our thought process. I want to know how we think around the area of money. I will share some really interesting insights I got by surveying 2440 […]


4 big reasons why you should avoid investing in a “wrong product” ?

Have you ever bought a wrong financial product? Or it was missold to you out of pressure from family/relative? Or because you trusted the seller too much? If not these reasons, may be you wanted to do last minute tax saving and you jumped into buying that policy and gave yourself a life sentence of […]


5 Challenges which you should overcome to create long term wealth

Do you want to create a lot of wealth? Do you want to see crores of rupees in your bank account? I am sure you know that’s not an easy task. You also know, that it will take a lot of time and dedication to create the wealth over long term. Do do you know […]


Why most investors struggle to save money every month & how to fix it?

Recently, I came across one interesting short story on quora, which I found interesting and worth sharing with all the readers. This story will help you understand why you are not able to save enough money by the end of the month. You will get to know why your hard earned money is spent into […]


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