Changes are required in Indian Taxation laws – Everything you want to know about income tax in India

A lot of people are trying to change our country. The way elections happen, the way schools run, the way govt. uses CBI for it’s own use, the way judicial system works etc. – the whole system needs to be changed! In the same way, Taxation is one aspect in personal finance which needs some […]


FREE Online Tax Filing Coupons from Taxspanner & Cleartax

You can now enjoy FREE Online Tax Filing from taxspanner and cleartax websites. Tax filing season is on and I dont want jagoinvestor readers to wait till last moment. In all probabilities you have paid your taxes now and you are all set to file the returns now. We did Action Month last year where […]


Should Income Tax limit be raised to 5 lacs ?

Do you know that 89% of tax payers in India have income of less than 5 lacs per year? Yes that’s true! Such is the case of most of the low earning people form the tax-paying population. However can you guess what is their share in total tax paid? It’s just 10%. why doesn’t govt […]


How to find your Income Tax Refund Status Online

Do you know how to find your income tax refund status online? Yes, there is a simple way of finding out the status of your income tax return online. A lot of people are clueless about the refund status! Now, one can just enter their PAN number and the Assessment year for which the refund […]


Hindu Undivided Family – Save more tax by creating a HUF in India

Do you know how you can use Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) to reduce your overall tax liability? In this article I will give you tips and real life examples on how you can use HUF to save taxes legally. Before that let’s understand what HUF is. The concept of HUF says that apart from individuals […]


How to file your income tax returns online in 6 easy steps

What is the best way to File your income tax returns online ? Tax filing season is on and most of us will still wake up after few days. I will talk about efiling your tax returns with govt website and also private websites like taxspanner, taxsmile and investmentyogi which are autorised by income tax […]


What is Form 15G and Form 15H

Form 15G and Form 15H are forms which can help a person avoid TDS incase one does not have to pay income tax at the end of the year. Form 15H is for senior citizens and form 15G is for others. In this article we will see how a person can avoid payment of TDS […]


A video on 7 Income Tax saving tips you might not know

Haven’t you gotten bored of regular income tax saving tips? Are you looking for some tips which are different, kinda unique and not very well known? If yes, then you’re reading the right article, mate! I will share some tips which would help you in area of income tax saving. Some of these tips will help you […]


New Direct Tax Code disappoints Investors

Update Aug 30 ,2010 , 5:00 PM   : This post should be now considered as post with old information as after DTC was tabled in Parliament , there were many changes in DTC. Also DTC Bill has been delayed by 1 yrs and will come into effect from Apr 2012 , Link Cabinet has […]


Tax Deductions from Infrastructure Bonds under 80C

Finally govt gave clarity about the Infrastructure bonds under sec 80C where you can invest upto Rs 20,000 for additional tax deduction apart from the current Rs 1 lac. Look more on Income tax slab . Who can issue those Infrastructure Bonds ? Life Insurance Corporation of India Industrial Finance Corporation of India Infrastructure Development […]


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