Beware of Loading and Co-pay in Mediclaim Policies

Today we discuss two concepts in Health Insurance, generally present in the policy document, which policyholders are not normally aware about, because they don’t care to look at those clauses. We are talking about concept of Loading and Co-Pay . Let’s talk about both the concepts one by one. What is Loading in Health Insurance […]


Two awesome and hidden Health Insurance products

Today, I will discuss about two  Health Insurance policies which are not very known or popular. However, these policies are unique and reasonably priced. These policies are sold by National Insurance Company Ltd and Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. The insurance policies, which I am talking about, are not single products but a combination of two […]


Buying Health Insurance Policies Online

Finding a suitable health insurance policy is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. There are 21 health insurance companies in India and many offer more than one type of health insurance product. Joining the bandwagon are life insurance companies who are now offering health insurance policies as well! So how do you buy […]


Review of HeartBeat Health Insurance Policy from Max Bupa

Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Limited is the latest health insurance company to join the ever growing list of health insurance companies in India. It is a joint venture between Max India (promoters of Max New York Life Insurance) and Bupa (UK based Health Insurance Company). Max Bupa has come out with a Family Floater […]


How to choose Medical Insurance Policy ?

Does premium amount guide your decision on whether to buy a medical insurance policy? No. Premiums are not the only factor to consider when buying a medical insurance policy. These factors need to be taken into consideration before looking at the premiums. 1# TPA (Third Party Administrator) These days, companies have an in-house settlement process and […]


Introduction to Health Insurance in India

How many accident you need to realise that you need Health Cover? It takes just one visit to a hospital to make us realize how vulnerable we are, every passing second. For the rich as well as poor, male as well as female and young as well as old, being diagnosed with an illness and […]


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