Is your Company Group Health Insurance Cover Enough ?

Are you covered under your company’s group health insurance policy ? If you are a salaried person, then in all probabilities you must be having your employers health insurance plan which must be covering you, your spouse, children and parents or some of them. But a lot of people do not want to take a […]


How much Health Insurance Cover is good enough?

How much health insurance a person should buy? Is 5 lakhs cover enough or it should be 10 lakhs? Should it depend on job profile, city and income level? These are the most common questions which pop up when a person starts thinking about health insurance. Anil had raised this question on comments section few […]


Did you start your Health SIP ?

I begin each day of my life with a ritual of receiving one sms around 5:30 am from my fitness coach Sanjay. The sms reads “I am coming at 6:00 am so get ready” I take a look at the sms and reply “yes”. Initially, I thought that my ritual is to exercise every day, […]


Personal Accident Insurance Policies in India – With Comparision

Did you ever knew someone who met with an accident and he was the main bread-winner of the family ? Mostly yes . A personal Accident Insurance plan are policies which covers a person from accidental death, accidental disability and several other features. There can be very bad consequences of meeting an accident like death […]


Health Insurance is Wealth Insurance

Does Health insurance or Mediclaim Insurance really protect your health ? Ask yourself this question and deep down in your heart you will hear someone shouting , No Idiot ! , There is no policy which can protect your health ! . Health can only be protected by right diet , right exercise and right […]


11 Health Insurance Myths which you thought were True

Health Insurance sector is such a new thing in India that a lot of people have dozens of health insurance myths regarding various things and because of that they feel that this whole thing is so complicated. Today I will burst some of your long-term medical insurance myths which will help you choose right products […]


An open letter to Health Insurance Company from its customer

Dear Insurance Company, Hi, I am your Mediclaim Customer. I am 30 years old, married, have a kid. I own a house in the suburbs of Mumbai and have recently bought a small car. I am well read, and hence fairly aware of basics of financial planning and securing my future. Yes, I believe in […]


17 most important questions that you should know before buying Health Insurance

Are you confused about many things when it comes to Health Insurance in India ? Are you afraid of rules and regulation in Mediclaim policies ? Don’t you have a clear idea about how will you deal with various things in Health Insurance and delaying your decision of taking a Health Policy ? Today we […]


Beware of Loading and Co-pay in Mediclaim Policies

Today we discuss two concepts in Health Insurance, generally present in the policy document, which policyholders are not normally aware about, because they don’t care to look at those clauses. We are talking about concept of Loading and Co-Pay . Let’s talk about both the concepts one by one. What is Loading in Health Insurance […]


Two awesome and hidden Health Insurance products

Today, I will discuss about two  Health Insurance policies which are not very known or popular. However, these policies are unique and reasonably priced. These policies are sold by National Insurance Company Ltd and Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. The insurance policies, which I am talking about, are not single products but a combination of two […]


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