10 minutes video guide to check your FREE Credit Report & Score

Do you know that every person is entitled for 1 free credit report and score each year from each of the credit bureau in India? There are 4 credit bureau in India which is CIBIL, Experian, Equifax and HighMark. As per RBI guidelines, now each of them have to provide one free report each year. […]


CIBIL introduces Subscription Services!. Get 4 quarterly reports at Rs 1,200

CIBIL has now started subscription services for its customers. Now you can get bimonthly or quarterly cibil reports if you want to track your credit score on an ongoing basis, then this service is for you. How to apply for CIBIL report on subscription basis? Earlier you only had an option to buy your cibil […]


How to correct CIBIL report mistakes in next 30 days – A step by step Guide

Today I am going to teach you some step by step process which will help you to correct your wrong CIBIL entries, which will in turn improve your cibil score. Most of the investors take some of the other kind of loan and if they are not able to pay the EMI’s on time or […]


CIBIL to provide 1 free credit report a year – Says RBI Governor

CIBIL will soon be providing 1 free credit report a year to every person starting Jan 1, 2017 as per RBI directions . This was said by RBI governor Raghuram rajan at a seminar on ‘Transforming Rural India through Financial Inclusion’. This is great news for investors because right now one has to pay Rs […]


Why your credit report remarks matter more than high credit score?

So, you have been reading a lot about CIBIL these days and you have got an impression that having a high credit score like 800 or 850 is a key to get your any kind of loan? If that’s the case, let me break your myth that having a high credit score is not a […]


How Wrong CIBIL report’s have harassed & destroyed many investors life ?

A few years back, India was introduced to the world of “Credit Bureaus” and “Credit Scores”. Credit Bureaus track an individual’s credit history and create a report from that data. So all your financial history including credit cards, loans, the timeliness and regularity of your repayments and the number of times you have sought credit, […]


CIBIL marketplace – Get Customised loan offers based your credit score

CIBIL has introduced a new facility called “Cibil Marketplace“, which will act like a portal where a person can get customized loan and credit card offers based on his cibil score. Right now, what happens is – when a person applies for some kind of loan or a credit card, the lending institution checks his […]


Days Past Due (DPD) section – What is the meaning in CIBIL Report ?

You might have seen a section in your Cibil Report which says DPD (Days Past Due). While Loan Status and Credit Score matter a lot when it comes to getting a loan approved or rejected, a big myth among people is that a clear report (without SETTLED or WRITTEN OFF status) and a credit score […]


CIBIL Score 2.0 – An Improved version of Credit Scoring

CIBIL has recently come up with Cibil Transunion Score 2.0 which it calls an improved version of the CIBIL Credit Score. This new Credit Score will help in a better identification of new borrowers (having credit history of less than 6 months) and help classify them into risky and not-risky categories. More about CIBIL Score […]


Shocking ! – Job Rejection due to Bad CIBIL Report

Your credit score is going to affect your Employment. You can face job rejection due to it! . Yes – that’s happening already. A lot of companies especially Finance and Software Companies have started asking candidates to present their CIBIL report and score (or any other credit report) at the time of  interview and it […]


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