How Axis Bank fooled a Home Loan Customer – Real life Case

This post is to bring to you notice how banks can get you in trouble while signing the home loan documents and use your casualness and trust to force-sell you some junk product. Recently one of our readers Nitin Mittal took a home loan from Axis Bank after a lot of research and study, but […]


Saving Account number Portability – Is it Needed ?

Saving account numbers will soon be portable in India. Finance ministry is working on this from some time and soon you will be able to change your banks without changing your Bank account number. Saving account number portability will be almost similar to porting your mobile number to different network carrier. Why people don’t change […]


Which Banks have highest Fixed Deposits interest rates ?

Do you know which bank in india has the highest fixed deposits interest rates ? But before that, let me ask you – Do you know what is the interest rate of your Fixed Deposit ? If it was opened a few years back, all you would have got is around 6-8% depending on the […]


What is Form 15G and Form 15H

Form 15G and Form 15H are forms which can help a person avoid TDS incase one does not have to pay income tax at the end of the year. Form 15H is for senior citizens and form 15G is for others. In this article we will see how a person can avoid payment of TDS […]


What is Banking Ombudsman ?

Do you know you can complain to Banking Ombudsman incase you have any complaints against your bank in India ? Banking Ombudsman is a body created by RBI to look after banking related complaints. Imagine the scenario’s – You insert your card in ATM to withdraw Rs 500. The transaction fails, but your account is […]


Auto Sweep Account – Enable it in your Saving Bank Account

Do you have a Bank Account? Off-course you do! How much money do you have in your account? 5,000? 20,000? or a few lacs? If you have a lot of cash, lying idle in your Bank Account, and at the same time you don’t want to commit to long-term investment, you need to enable the […]


Real Story about an Investor who Fought for 9 months with ICICI Bank

Can you fight back ? Really ? If you were taken for granted as a customer by some Bank or any institution and you were forcibly sold some product by officials at some Organisation assuming you are a weak customer who will not raise his voice and fall in trap , What would you do […]


Review of , Excellent User Interface is an excellent one stop destination for all your loans and insurance products Needs . BankBazaar is partner’s with India’s leading financial institutions and insurance firms, and provide all information at one single place in a very user friendly manner . Lets see in detail what all it has to provide a retail investor […]


How to find out Best Fixed Deposit?

Searching for the best FD? In this short article, we will see a very useful website which gives you all the information on Fixed Deposits and Banks in India FD is a tool of saving some part of your income in a fixed account for a fixed time period and earning some interest on that […]


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