How Long Money Will Last.

Find out how long a sum of money will last given monthly expenses and a fixed rate of return and inflation.

Corpus Analysis

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What type of calculator is this?

How Long Money will my money last is a calculator which basically calculates how much time is left for your wealth to finish. In simple words we can say that in how many years our wealth will get over.

Life after Retirement

This calculator can be best viewed when we have accumulated a good corpus. So let us take a scenario of retirement. One can see that after retirement we have a certain corpus and within that much corpus we will have to lead a decent life where we are able to fulfill all the basic necessity of life such as food, clothing, medical expenses and travelling. We all want that till the age we live these basic necessities should not be compromised upon.


Ram has retired from a renowned IT company. He has generated a good corpus and now he wants to know that till how many years his retirement corpus will last. Let us assume the following data -

  • Total wealth available with Ram is Rs 1 crore.
  • Return Generated Per Year (%) - 12%
  • Yearly Inflation - 9%
  • Monthly Expenses Required Today - 50,000

So, as per the above calculator Ram's Retirement Corpus will last for 21 yrs