I came across Jagoinvestor blog and took a decision to pursue it seriously. You were my teacher encouraging me to learn about the most important aspect of our life, Money, which others ‘choose’ not to talk about either because of ignorance or because they don’t want to project themselves as running behind money.Today (PRESENT), I can say, I am lot better in my knowledge of money than I was few months ago(PAST). Importantly, I am more confident of my FUTURE.

Srinidhi Rajshekhar

Software Engineer

I sincerely thank Nandish and Jagoinvestor team for the tactical support to improve my financial life. More importantly, I think the real value of counselling with Nandish is the physiological shift that I trust will continue to help me in future – as and when things change. I wholeheartedly recommend Jagoinvestor services to anyone genuinely interested in making smarter financial decisions.

Vinit Garg

Management Consultant

Jagoinvestor analysed our present financial situation and gave us a clear picture of our present standing in terms of our savings and investments . It gave us a plan and the rationale behind the plan. This included stopping some investments , starting new ones , taking the adequate life cover , taking proper health insurances and then creating corpus for our financial goals in right amount in the right investments .Also one to one discussion after the planning helped answer our concerns and queries .It has helped us overcome the indecisiveness and get into motion .And finally it is based on complete statistical data which gives us more confidence that we will reach there .

Sudipta Chowdhury

Telecom Professional