regulations for becoming a financial planner in India

who can be a Financial Planner in there any statuary ragulation about it. 

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  1. Manish

    What i said was only regulation , but you are talking about certification . CFP is a certification and not all can call themselves CFP . they can only call them self as Financial Planner , but not CFP . CFP is a certification and these days people are recognising CFP’s


  2. manish

    If it so , why one should take pain of going thorough the rigorous process of CFP. as we can see that insurance agents in India call themselves Financial Adviser even without any degree in finance

  3. Manish

    At the moment there is no regulation governing who can become a financial planner , but there is something going on in this space and soon there will be regulations . Its under process ..

    But it wont be only for financial planner , but for any kind of financial advisory services.


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