Online deposit in PPF account

Hi – I have a PPF a/c in SBI but do not have a saving bank a/c in same bank or branch.

– How can I deposit money online in my PPF account in this case?
– Can I perform a online third part transfer from my HDFC savings bank a/c to my SBI PPF a/c?
– How will I get the receipt of amount deposited in my PPF a/c?

Thanks in advance.



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  1. Ankit

    I have added my PPF A/c as a third party recipient to my HDFC Bank A/c. Will I get a receipt after transferring subscription money to my PPF A/c or just the Passbook entry?

  2. ashalanshu

    Dear Ram,just like you add a 3rd party account in HDFC netbanking, please add your SBI PPF account there. IFSC details can be availed from internet or from your SBI branch directly.



  3. Investor


    I tried and transfer Rs.500 from my PNB saving account to SBI PPF account…payment was successful …..but,

    when i asked, SBI Mumbai manager replied my email :

    Dear customer , You CAN NOT Transfer from any bank to SBI.

    Kindly confirm whether Online NEFT is possible and succesful or not??

  4. drajjjj

    please note that this online transfer is possible only if the PPF account is at SBI , if it is opened at Post Office , then it would not be possible, because only SBI is authorised to get online payments for PPF. Many people have their PPF , spouse PPF and children PPF account, they can add any number of PPF accounts for online payment.
    Steps for Online Transfer in PPF account
    Step 1 : Add Public Provident Fund account as Beneficiary Account
    The first step is to add your PPF account to your Bank account as third-party so that you can do a money transfer to them. I am using ICICI account screenshots, but all the steps must be same for other banks also.

    Step 2 : Choose the SBI branch Address
    Next step is to choose the exact location of the BANK where the account was open . Note that if you opened a PPF account at a SBI branch where netbanking is not available , it will not be listed.

    The best thing about have the bank account and PPF account linked is that you can also view the PPF details and balance at a single place .
    Step 3 : Add your PPF account as the Payee Account number
    The last step is to add your PPF account as the Payee Account number and then click on the confirmation link . In ICICI you will first get an activation code which you will have to put to activate the account for first time .

  5. Dear Anurag, You may use HDFC to deposit the money in PPF account as described in the article (link given to you already).

    Another option is to open a SB account with SBI & use SBI’s own netbanking facility to invest in PPG online.



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