Income tax return filing for merchant navy officer

Hello sir,

I am Sridharan.P working in merchant navy as second officer.

For the past three financial year i have been working in a Indian Shipping company. I was provided with form 16 and i have been filing my returns. For the financial year 2011-2012 i have changed to a foriegn company now i am not getting my form 16. I have finished 223 days out of indian waters, i am full filling the nri status,I have no other income in india. Do I have to file income tax return, if yes how can i file zero returns without form 16. Kindly advice

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  1. sorincon

    I know this a bit out of the topic.
    1. I am an Oil field Worker employed with a foreign company abroad.
    2. I have no income in India.
    3. Due to my Work Cycle i barely make it to 182 days out of the country.
    4. Will i be taxed if for some reason I cannot make it to the 182 days mark.
    kindly advise.

  2. Kiran

    Hi .. I received a notice by income tax dept. Say have to give bank detail and tax returns file for last 5 years .. I started saiilng frm 2011 and I will be have 182 days more out of India .and 1 year less than 140 day s .. Do I need to file income tax .. Till now I gave not replied to notice . becze my income is more and .salary’s.. …. Weather I have reply for the notice …. I dnt have any source of income India.. Kindly advise


    Hello Sridharan,

    First of all enjoy a well earned leave. I am a Merchant Navy Officer (C/O).
    The filing of tax depends on you. In case you are planning to buy a house worth 30L or above in future then its better that you start filing your returns. It is not mandatory though but in case you buy such property, the IT guys will be coming sneaking the source of income and ultimately your returns. If you are one of those unlucky guys then you have to file the reply for such questions by your CA, as to where did you get the money from etc etc. As far as I know none of the seafarer wants his family in tension over a note from IT when he is on sail.
    In case you are not planning to do the above, don’t bother and enjoy your salary. Don’t worry, institutions like HDFC Ltd etc extend loans to seafarers even without IT returns.

  4. abhinav

    If you are filing returns regularly, then you can file for nil returns for no income in India. But for your benefit you can get a certified copy from a CA stating your foreign income. It will be helpful in future to show banks for your income when availing loans.

  5. sridharan p

    Hi Biswas Singh,
    I don’t have any bank account in any foreign country . I have been remitting my salary in us dollar in my nri bank account in india only.
    My foreign company have not deducted any tax on my salary.

  6. Biswa Singh

    If you do not have any income in India then i dont think you have to file return but you must be pying taxes in the foreign country where you have your bank account details. I was in London for 2 years and did not file the return.

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