Difference between Drawing Power and Outstanding Amount in SBI SBI SURAKSHIT HL A/c ?


I am SBI Home loan customer with SBI SURAKSHIT HL A/C. When I log -in to my internet banking, I see Drawing Power, Outstanding Amount and Limit.

Kindly help me to understand differences between outstanding amount, drawing power. More over today I transferred some money from my Saving A/C to Loan A/C. I see only the transferred amount was getting deducted from Outstanding Amount. 

When the Drawing power gets reduced? Should I assume that outstanding amount is the remaining amount, I need to pay back to the bank. Please clarify. Many thanks in advance!

Limit xxxx
Drawing Power xxxx
Outstanding Amount xxxx

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  1. arman.saffiq

    Can you please explain me what is the drawing power refering in below mentioned details of sbi education loan.

    Rest of the things I am able to understand but not DRAWING POWER
    So please explain me, so that acordinly I can decide and take necessary financial decisions.

    Account Number 000000xxxxxxx
    Name Mr. xxxxxxxxx
    Description T L Educational LoanPER
    Limit 2,00,000.00
    Drawing Power 1,13,954.01
    Outstanding Amount 46,035.53
    Rate of Interest 14.0
    Currency INR
    C.Y.YTD Interest 4253.0
    P.Y.YTD Interest 13436.0

    Thank you

  2. ashalanshu

    Dear Some, I can not comment in isolation with out having alook into your bank account statement so please mail me the same on my personal mail id.



  3. some123

    Hi Ashal,

    I have the same query. After paying some amount as pre-payment, i see a similar scenario. Drawing power hasn’t reduced, outstanding one has.

    I have taken home loan of Rs 20 lakhs for 20 years. This is what the account looks like now. I have paid an amount of 1 lakh as pre-payment recently.

    Description SBI SURAKSHIT HL AUG 12
    Limit 20,00,000.00
    Drawing Power 20,11,127.00
    Outstanding Amount 19,06,738.00
    Rate of Interest 10.25
    Currency INR
    C.Y.YTD Interest 142426.0
    P.Y.YTD Interest 0.0

    If you could clarify, thanks a lot.

    Also, if i am planning to move to SBI MAX Gain, can it done from any brand? Or do i have to go to the place from where loan is taken? I have taken the loan in Kolkata as the property is in Kolkata. But i live in Mumbai and my saving account is in Mumbai.


  4. GautamKumar

    Hi Ashal,
    So I have same question. After paying some amount, drawing power is not get reduced but outstanding amount get reduced.
    I ask bank officials regarding same, they told I will have to pay outstanding amount. But as you mentioned above that drawing power is action loan balance.
    I am totally confused now, could you please clarify it.

  5. bhanu

    Hi Ashal,

    Thanks for your response. I have sent you the email. Please let me know, why drawing is not reducing even after prepayment.


  6. ashalanshu

    Dear Bhanu, can you mail your account statement to my personal E-mail ID? The drawing power is your actual loan balance which you need to repay.



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